iPhone iOS 13.2.2 and 13.2.3 Update Warning - No Alerts direct to Hearing Aids

If you value having your alert tones going to your hearing aids so you can hear them, DO NOT “upgrade” to iOS 13.2. I have tried every way I can think of, and I cannot get alert tones to go to my hearing aids. Not sure if it is a bug, or intentional, but it does not work on my KS8 (Rexton, Signia).


So many complained about the alert tones that Apple removed them

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That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Why on earth would I have hearing aids if I didn’t need help hearing. If someone doesn’t want to hear the alerts all you have to do is turn them off for themselves. They don’t have to be turned off for everybody.

On top of turning them off to the aids, they have chosen to now send the alerts twice if you don’t open the first one. I guess the Apple logic is that if they don’t send them to your aids, then they should make up for it by sending them twice? I think they have lost all their marbles.

In any case the link below is what I have found to help go back a version. It is super clunky and I hope it works.

Edit: Do Not Try to use the process I suggested to roll back your phone. I followed it and it bricked my phone.


I for one am glad that my aids no longer get interrupted while I am streaming from my TV connect to my aids

Just go to Sounds, and turn off the alerts you do not want to hear.

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They removed it because so many complained. You know that I know that but a a lot didn’t know that an so Apple developers listened to the numbers

If they really wanted to do something intelligent they would have added another option to the Settings, Accessibility, Hearing Devices, Audio Routing, screen to select where Alerts should go.


Sounds like a suggestion that you should call Apple accessibility support and make.

I have updated my iPhone X and have no issues. Alerts are working fine to my Marvel M90’s

The marvels are connected with classic Bluetooth and not the BLP that MFi aids use

Thanks for the explanation - this is all very new to me - I am learning fast :slight_smile:

Do not try to roll back your phone from 13.2 to 13.1.3. I followed the process I posted above and managed to brick my iPhone 7. Everything was going OK and then there were two error messages and the phone is now toast.

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I bought an iPhone 11 Pro, had many issues, decided to return it and go back to my iPhone Xs. I had backed up the Xs (12.4.1) to iTunes in a Macbook, but on trying to restore everything from the 11 Pro to the Xs, it would not let me, since Apple stopped signing 12.4.1. I had to restore to iOS 13.1.2.

Then it got stuck at the Apple logo with the progress bar almost done. These two links helped me get it working again.

Good luck, I’m told it is almost impossible to truly brick an iPhone.

Well I think I have managed to do it. Followed the Apple instructions at this site. It would not Update and gave me error messages. I then tried the full restore and got this message. Tried it a few times now and it always ends up the same.


Do you have access to an Apple Store? The one where I live is very accommodating with even very old devices with exceptional people there. God knows I spent so much time there with the iOS 13.x issues with hearing aids and blood pressure monitor. :eyes:

Info here should solve your problem:

Thank God Apple fixed this!

I liked having the alert tones in my hearing aids. I missed a lot of text messages.

I had just told all my friends I would not miss as many’s txts now the tones are gone.

iOS 13.2 did fix the connectivity issue I had with my iPad . iOS 13 before 13.2 release would not play sound on any video (you tube, directv now, etc).


I have pretty much eliminated all of those suggested fixes, and the problem remains. One issue I have with this phone is that the mechanical home key is broken. I use a “soft” home key. Each time it starts up it reminds me that the home key does not work. That said I have done the full reset/restore on it and it survives that. It possibly may be that the process used to roll back the iOS is not as tolerant of the hardware issue. I will take it to the guy that got me out of trouble the last time and see what he says. It may be the end of the road for this phone.

Without the Alerts going to my hearing aids, I have no interest in iOS 13 anyway. I am now back on my iPhone 5 with 12.4.1. No alerts their either, but at least I have a working phone. WiFi has been reliable on 12.4.1, so I hope that part continues. 13 has not been.

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