iPhone hearing aids

I am planning to update my hearing aids soon and I want ones that interface directly to my iPhone without the need for any sort of streaming device.

Is this possible yet and what should I be looking for?



I’m new to hearing aids just got mine from the VA.in Aug. They are Resound Linx2 9 61 and they work off my Iphone 5s. I know someone will have a good answer for you on here.

Yes, there are a number of hearing aid models that will work directly with the iPhone.

Here is an Apple web site that details which ones - scroll to the bottom to see the list of hearing aids:

This Apple screen has info on the iPhone as it relates to hearing loss:

ReSound /. Beltone have had this feature for years … I believe Siemens now hs it also

Resound, Oticon, Starkey - all have aids that are made for iPhone. Phonak has a new aid which uses old Bluetooth technology to connect directly and does not have the other made for iPhone features e.g. Geolocation and find my hearing aids. Read the sites above from Apple and decide what features you are interested in then check out this forum and the manufacturer sites to see if they are included in the devices you are considering. But remember the main purpose of hearing aids is to hear well and they should be comfortable in your ears - try not to compromise on those things in your search for iPhone compatibility.

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My Starkey Halo hearing aids have an app that runs on my iphone SE (5s). Also I can control volume and a few other things without the app from the iphone. I’m sure the newer halo models do the same.

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I wonder why Signia is notably absent from the Apple list even though their Pure models are MFI.

Hard to say for sure. I have noticed that the list of iPhone compatible hearing aids has grown considerably over the last several years. When I first looked at that list a few years back it only had 6 or 8 entries. Maybe Apple will update it sometime soon now that IOS 11 is coming out.

ReSound and Oticon and perhaps others sell HA’s with that feature… it’s great to have the cell phone call go straight to your hearing aids. Their tv Bluetooth connectors are also good, and you can even set up a Bluetooth dongle for office PBX (“dial 9 first”) phones, if, like me, you find t-coil a bit weak. The audio using Bluetooth is awesome.

All of the major hearing aid companies have direct-to-iPhone support; Phonak also has direct-to-Android on their new Audio B-Direct hearing aids.

Phonak is the only brand that doesn’t have a true “Made For iPhone (MFi)” solution yet. Their Audeo B Direct can stream phone call audio directly from an iPhone, but to my understanding this is done through classic Bluetooth rather than through the proprietary MFi protocol. There are some limitations (no streaming audio, besides phone calls, etc), as a result.

I agree with this. I did notice that Phonak is not on the Apple list, but that’s correct because the Phonak Audeo-B Direct is just regular Bluetooth compatible without needing a streamer, that’s all. It’s not really Made for iPhone.

Hi Denis.
I have Signia Pure 13 BT. Had them for about a month. They stream directly with iPhone. I am disappointed in them that the Bluetooth is not stable with the app My Control app on the iPhone. The hearing aids streaming turns off on its own, or if you shut your music off to say talk with someone, you have to go through to re-pair the HAs to the phone and the app to your HAs. I have spent more time re-pairing the device to HAs than I care to. Thinking the stability of these HAs needs more work and that they aren’t for me. Still in the trial period. Will be talking to my Audi. Don’t know what my options are. I like the streaming without a neckloop device but the direct streaming isn’t working well. More frustration than is worth.

I just bought Resound’s Linx3D hearing aids. The iPhone integration is excellent and their iPhone App is superb. FYI…I’m a long time Phonak customer who switched to Resound just because of the iPhone integration. It’s that good…


Thanks. Glad to hear that. Don’t know if my Audi has Resound. I’ll talk with Audi tomorrow.

Absolutely! I agree with this. Sometimes new technology overwhelms us.

What you’re saying here about having to re-pair the HAs when you go from music to phone call does not sound right for a Made-For-iPhone HA. It should be seamless when transitioning from one mode to another within the iPhone. If the Pure can’t get this right, then it’s not true MFI yet.

The Oticon OPN I have does operate seamlessly when switching between apps in the iPhone like phone mode or music or navigation or video on YouTube, etc. It used to have sound quality and connection issues but after the new firmware 4.0 was released and installed in July’17, most of these sound quality and connection issues have gone away. The introduction of iOS 11 coming soon should improve it even further.

You may want to ask your audi to check to see if your Pure 13 is on the latest firmware from Signia or not. If it is, ask if there’s a new firmware planned for release soon.

The Starkey Halo has what you are looking for.

Hi Volusiano,
I really appreciate your comments. I may have mis-spoken. I meant when I had turned off the streaming music to speak with my husband. When I receive a phone call it is seamless. It may have been a fluke with BT as I have tried to duplicate it and it seems to work ok. The Signia is a MFI hearing aid. I spoke with my Audi today and we discussed some of the frustrations I’m experiencing. I installed iOS 11 and the hearing aid listing on the phone now says MFi, which before it just said ‘hearing aids’. We will see. The clarity of speech is good and that is what is important. The music streaming and TV with BT are niceties. I’m very happy with the sound quality. Thanks again. I appreciate your time for commenting.
I definitely will ask my Audi about if the firmware has been updated to the latest version. Is there anyway I can find out or it is just for the Audi to know?

Unless you have a programming device it’s very unlikely that you can find out what firmware version your Pure HAs are on unless you ask your audi, in which case he’d have to connect your HAs to a programming device to find out anyway.

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