iPhone bluetooth and Soundgate issues

The iPhone has very verbose bluetooth. Every time an email is received or any message is received, the Bernafon Soundgate (and presumably it’s related products) tries to connect to the iPhone. This results in a program change for the hearing aids. Immediately, the Soundgate realizes that there is no audio content and resets the hearing aids to their previous program.

All this is distracting, results in momentary deafness and is annoying for the 5 to 10 seconds the process takes. For some of us, this can happen every few minutes, all day long.

No setting in the iPhone I have found can remedy the issues.

What are you experiences and resolutions?

Look in setting for “Notifications” turn it off and see that improves your experience

I"ve just had my iphone a weeks so i can recall exactly all the correct names for things. But I’m reading the “Dummies Guide” and I recall they said if your lifestyle suited to change the default number of times your phone collects email (other pushes such as updates announcements etc). I think they said the default was constant checking, the next every fifteen minutes, 30 minutes, every hour and up to on demand. They recommended doing this to save battery life but may assist here.

Even if you can not have this setting on all the time it may help on weekend or evenings? It said under settings but I forget where next.

Sorry I can not be of more assistance but I am sit learning to drive my ipone.

Will Soundgate ‘pair’:confused: with 2 phones. I have personal and work, so I thought it would be nice to be able to use both with HA

I use the Sound Gate with 2 phone, a Storm and a DROID.

You can use them 1 at a time…

The only solution I have found that works is to use the mute/silence switch on the left side of the iPhone. That seem to stop all the annoying connections. It does not (thankfully) stop the normal alerts and allows normal audio operation.

Thanks to all those who chimed in.

Soundgate and Iphone worked great first day (yup, just got on Wed.), trying to set my work phone and now Iphone is going to Voice Command or music on the iPhone — really odd. I am leaving both turned on, do you think I should turn off my personal one? Any help is appreciated.

Overall I am liking my Verite. . .Got them around thanksgiving. The first month with the soundgate’/iphone connection went pretty well: a few things: sluggish cancel on Voice control which had me dial some random folks and after a call it would toggle to the “music” button on soundgate and turn on a song in my itunes on my iphone. Annoying a bit but still, a huge jump for me from my old analog days since I was 18. . . (43 now. . yeah. .I waited a LONG time to upgrade :P)

However, now my soundgate seems to only handle the ipod part of my phone. . i can’t get the phone options to work at all. I have reset the iphone and unlinked/relinked soundgate a few times and it is just not working at all now as a phone. I have to just use the speaker option on the iphone now. I do know there was one patch in the middle of all this.

Anyone have this issue as well? Any help is very welcome!


I paired my Storm and Droid to the Soundgate, I had to change the BT settings in Storm to only use only as hands free and it all works very well together.

Did you try Settings > notifications > Off

It turn off Sounds, Alerts, Home Screen Badges for applications.

well I took the plunge and purchased online the iSimple ipod adapter, the Soundgate M2 mount for my 5G nano (which I plan to mount to the lower part of the dash to the right of the steering wheel at the height of the radio) and the Jabra SP700 bluetooth speakerphone for my phone. I’m expecting it will work and look great. will post photos when it’s ready.

I’ve had my Verite’s for a few days now, and although they are really fun to use with my Iphone, I can’t figure out what the buttons on my Soundgate make my Iphone do!
When i push the music button nothing happens unless I go to my phone and initiate the music to play, and when I push the phone button on the Soundgate, the Voice Control comes up on my phone.
Does anyone know how the two devices are supposed to function together???

It would be cool if Bernafon would create an Iphone App !!

Thanks in advance for any help!

I trialled the verite and soundgate last week, and was very happy with it so I paid for it. 2 days following the payment, the iPhone does not connect to my soundGAte when the phone rings. I have exactly the same problem as yours. The HA are good and happy with them, but if soundgate doesnt work with it will not worth all that money spent on it. The audio said he will replace the soundgate for me, but from all the reviews I see, looks like I should try another product all together.

Any advice will be appreciated.

I bought the Verite 9 and the Soundgate and am pretty happy with them. The iPhone rings in my ears and I can answer it on the Soundgate. If it is not doing that for you, you need to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in Settings | General | Bluetooth, and that the Soundgate is paired with and connected to the iPhone.

There is one annoying aspect of this pairing. Unless I am streaming music from my iPhone, I do not hear Notification alert tones either on my phone or in my hearing aids. I suspect that this was done by Bernafon because the notifications were driving people crazy going off all the time. I have my iPhone set to notify me only on text messages and calendar alerts. As it is, unless I am streaming music or turn bluetooth off, I do not get alert notifications. Is there a fix to that?