iPhone 8 plus and Signia hearing aids

Saturday I picked up my new phone, paired it with my Signia’s while still at the ATT store and immediately all my cell phone hearing problems went away! I could not be more happy. I can now talk like I did on a landline phone years ago. It’s a close to face to face conversations as I can recall.
I was using a Samsung Galaxy 7 and it simply does NOT work with Bluetooth hearing aids, period!
Anyone want to buy a used Galaxy 7?

I have ReSounds, but just did the same last week and picked up an iPhone and Apple Watch to try and I must say I’m truly stunned at how will the MFI hearing aid features work for calls, podcasts, music. All my hearing aid issues with smartphone issues are gone!

I still like my Pixel 2 XL better in most ways, but the straight forward MFI is wonderful.

Mine worked fine with my Galaxy S6. I ended up returning for fit reasons and I was at the end of the return period.

I have the Phonak Brio 3 (Audeo B90) now and I don’t see how it could be easier/better than this. I wear the Compilot II under my shirt and use a lapel mic. I get a call, I leave the phone in my pocket. The Compilot announces who is calling, in my ears, and I press the button through my shirt, and talk. I hear them, they hear me.

I’ve had a couple of looks because I just start talking and there is no obvious phone or headset. Actually, I like that.

I think some of you are talking about different things. Samsung and some other Android phones should work with a remote app to control some settings on a lot of hearing aids. Also should work with auxillary device (Compilot, Connect Clip, etc.) They (Samsung and other Android phones) will not allow direct streaming to any current hearing aid (this may change soon when Pixel 3 comes out) without a device except for some Phonak and Unitron hearing aids.

Sounds like he was getting some functionality, with some problems. If he didn’t have the Streamline Mic he wouldn’t have gotten anything.

A Galaxy S7 really should work ok with the Streamline MIC. Heck my Galaxy Grand Prime worked with it.

My Galaxy S6 worked fine with the Signia (the Costco KS8 version). I didn’t like that it would connect to only one device at a time. It did have a weak signal sometimes but mostly solid. The Phonak Compilot II connects to two devices at one time and has a strong connection.

I was using the Phone Clip+ with my Pixel 2 XL (android) and ReSound Linx. I had warble, distortions, when streaming podcasts of music, sometimes on calls with men with deep voices. I use the PC+ with an Avantree BT LL steamer from my TV and got the same warble and distortions. The direct MFI with iPhone solved that. The issue I believe is that the Phone Clip+ is ancient BT 2 while all other devices I use are BT 4 or 5 (not many things use BT 5). The PC+ eats its own battery and phone battery. The MFI does not eat phone battery.

I had the PC+ with a Resound Verso (Costco KS5), now my backup. I didn’t have any trouble with mine but sometimes it depends on the environment and how many other devices are in the area using 2.4.

Let me see if I can get this right. When using the Samsung phone and the Signia hearing aids, I had to use a phone clip (device hung around my neck) which had to be paired with my Samsung and my hearing aids. That never worked right and in fact when using the app on the Samsung used to connect to a TV Streamer and allow volume control, functionality was poor at best and often wouldn’t work at all…to either control volume or allow tv viewing with sound via an optical port to the hearing aids.
I much prefer having high quality sound from my iPhone to my hearing aids without another device that requires daily charging and just another something to wear. Plus the set up was totally seamless, no problems, paired instantly and had phone service right then without doing anything else.

I really enjoy the opportunity to control my hearing aids with my cell phone. Amazing technology for an even better hearing experience.

The Signia TV transmitter is solid and does not go through the Streamline Mic Bluetooth device. It transmits directly to the hearing aids.

I was not happy with the performance of my version of the Streamline Mic (Rexton Smart Mic). I had some connection issues and drop outs. Plus it would connect to only one device at a time, a severe drawback.

Still though, it is much more functional than MFi. I could connect to not only my cell phone but to my office phone, laptops, tablets, and a generic Bluetooth transmitter that I move around from device to device.

I eventually returned the Rexton and got a Phonak Brio 3 with the Compilot II Bluetooth device, and I like this better. The Compilot connection is very solid. With the Phonak the TV transmitter does go through the Compilot Bluetooth device, which is only a drawback if you didn’t plan to have the Compilot anyway for all the other connections.

I will have the additional Bluetooth device until hearing aids catch up to the functionality of the separate device. That could happen in a couple of years but probably more like 5.

whther rexton smart mic can be paired with bluetooth tv?:thinking:

Yes, it can pair to, and connect with any Bluetooth transmitter.