iPFG startup

I have downloaded iPFG 2.6 and have the problem that it expects to see COM_HOOK.EXE at the start up and cannot find it. In fact it is in the same folder as the other ipfg launch files. Can someone tell me what the problem is? :confused:

Did you unzip the files? Windows 7 has a feature that allows you to look into zipped folders. That is, you can browse the zipped folders just like it was an unzipped folder.

But I don’t believe you can install without unzipping the files first. To unzip with Windows 7 just create a new folder and drag/copy everything to the new folder.

Yes I did unzip the files and, of one ignores the messages about com_hook.exe, the whole thing comes up in Win 7 and seems to work - at least superficially.


Did you find an i-cube or what?

Check out this interesting post about COM_HOOK.EXE. Click -> HERE.

Yes, and now I have to get my head around the fitting software. :slight_smile:

I found the software a bit overwhelming at first. Instructions are at a minimum. Didn’t want to do trial and error for fear I’d get my HA all messed up. It would be nice to have a place where members programing with an Icube and Ipfg could trade information. I believe there was one on the Americahears software that helped me a lot when I was programing that HA.

Have you used the iPFG software and, if so, do you have any words of advice?

Thank you for that link, pvc. From that, it would seem that I need to have something connected (HI-PRO, NOAH, iCube) to avoid that. I am awaiting my iCube so will see what happens when I start up with that connected.

I’ve used it for off and on week now. One of the things to be aware of, is any changes you make in the program will be automaticaly programed to the HA if you have the “on line activation” box checked. It is the 4th box from the left on the top of the client page (standard Ifpg programing). If you don’t want the programing transfered to your aid until you have made a couple of adjustments, make sure that box is unchecked. You are then able to transfer the programing when you are ready.
Still trying to determine how other changes affect the aid. Such as changing the sound compression.

One of the most important things that I have not yet found out how to do is to read the existing programming and save it, before I wreck everything. :slight_smile:

Use screen capture. Click -> HERE.

With iPFG software you can save and attach your settings (data file) and send the file to another iPFG user can then read and view it, make comments and even make changes to it and send it back to you.

A while back I did that with another Naida user from this forum.

Like an idiot I posted this to the wrong thread. Hopefully, this is the right place. This is the redirected reply:
We seem to be getting down to brass tacks here but I just want to be sure that everyone understands what I am trying to do. Wearing my aids and an iCube, I want to start up the iPFG software and save the audiologist’s settings in the aids before I do anything else. Can the software do that? I am nervous that going into iPFG might just zero everything out so to speak as, on that first connection, it will not have any saved data.
As for the rest of the moves: Thank you. I sense that you will be able to help me. After about thirty years at this, I am pretty savvy with computers and many types of software (used to do database programming and I build my own computers). I have various snipping options available to me. I do not know anything about this fitting software. That is my problem. :slight_smile:

If the software is looking for com_hook.exe and cannot find it there’s an easy solution.
Even though the file is in the same directory that doesn’t mean the software knows where to look. A quick simple test would be to COPY the com_hook.exe file from the directory that it is in to the C:\Windows\System32 directory. By default windows will always look there (& other places) when it cannot find a file it is looking for.

If this truely is the case copying the file there will solve the problem. If it errors out still then there’s something else going on.

Saving each version can be a little dicey. Some fitting software depends on the Noah database feature. Some have a standalone option to create your own database. But you don’t have to rely on either of these. Use screen capture to record your original settings. And take notes about what changes you made when saving-to-hearing-aids. Your captured images, plus standalone database (if available), plus version notes should keep you on track. Re-posted from other thread…

Your idea is good but unfortunately that did not help so, as you say “something else must be going on.” I wonder if it is as simple as not having fitting hardware hooked up?

When you get into iPFG the third button from the left is “Detect HI” this will detect your hearing instrument using the icube. After detecting your aids it will give you options to use the settings from the “HI” or “iPFG” make sure that you use the settings from the HI. If you dont it will dump everything your audi programmed in.

Learned that by doing…it sucked for a couple of days.

After my audi fixed my error I set up 2 clients. The first I never touch, I consider it my “golden master”. The second client is where I do all of my adjustments at.

Change things very slowly, and only 1 or 2 at a time.

Yes, but only when you save-to-hearing-aids.

This is exactly the information I needed, and your cautionary note is now engraved somewhere in my thinking. Thank you so much. Now, if you can solve my com_hook.exe problem all will be set. :-).
I must say, by the way, that I am surprised not to have had more “don’t try this at home” messages.