Ipfg launcher problem

Hi can any one help with this problem I’m having with opening ipfg 2.6b software that I have installed on another computer of mine,i was able to open it just the once and all OK until I try’d to restore my backups from my old PC using the ipgf backup tool,I can now not open the software even after re downloading the software from the phonak website, I’ll try and post a picture of the problem,thanks[IMG]http://www.hearingaidforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=515&stc=1&d=1365369290

The picture is super small, really hard to see.

As you’ve re downloaded it form Phonak website again, maybe the problem is with your computer now?

Hey I couldn’t work out how to resize it before posting,I’ll put another one up soon,but yea it’s really strange as iv had the same software on a USB drive for a while now and used it on other PC’s with no problem, just had the PC checked out and all seems OK there, looks like a clean install is the only way I’m going to get it running again, I’ll keep you posted.

Try the program “Revo Uninstaller”. It will allow you to delete all the left over pieces of the program that are many times not deleted with Windows uninstaller. These left overs can keep a new install from working properly. Just use the free program.Google it.

Hey thanks for that, I’ll try that later tonight, sounds like it could be just the answer to my problem.

OK so I try’d the uninstaller but same thing happening,I hope to have another picture of what I get everytime I go to open ipfg,but anyway I’m going to do a clean install over the weekend so that should fix it.