iPFG 2.6 help

I have been looking through the updated iPFG 2.6 to see what has changed and there seems to be an important backward step in there! Not sure if it is a correction, removing the implied capability for something that cannot actually be done, but in iPFG2.5a I used to be able to go into the Soundflow programs and remove things from the automatic cycle that I didn’t want. In iPFG2.6 the programs within the automatic cycle are fixed, I can’t get in and say I do not ever ever ever want the “music” program and delete it from the Soundflow cycle. This was THE most important thing for me about buying a Phonak and now it looks like you can’t do it. :frowning: Is it still possible to remove programs out of the automatic sequence? If so, how do you do that?

I can merrily add and remove manual programs, that’s not a problem, but I can’t unlock the automatic “A” area and take stuff away from the default.


This is not your answer but why run 2.6 if 2.5a does everything you need? Unless you are updating something or have newer aids that are not on 2.5a, why use 2.6?

I had error issues with 2.6 and went back to 2.5a, not a problem.

Good luck

You can go into Follow up Fit->Soundflow Preferences and put Music at least importance. And you could alter the Music settings to match the one you prefer. So when it goes to Music it’s behaving like it went to Speech in Noise or something else.

Phonak Target (the new software) should be out soon. Perhaps that will have what you want. It’s supposed to be different than iPFG.

Do we know yet whether Target can be used with Phonak aids other than the new Spice generation (Naida IX SP)? It would be nice to get some benefits of the new software even if we don’t have all the Spice functions.

I am not a pro, but based on my reading of documentation, Target is specific to the spice hardware platform.

It looks like a better process so I’m hoping that a revision to the PFG will follow this change.


Mainly because I am not sure if the change is to reflect what is actually possible thus 2.5a appears to do it but will not actually do it or if using 2.5a would mean I can actually do what it implies it’s going to do. I don’t yet have the hearing aids and don’t want to buy them to find that no you can’t do that at all. If by using 2.5a you can genuinely do this then I shall just program with 2.5a (or ask the audi to use 2.5a) when I eventually get around to choosing and purchasing the hearing aids.

Another option appears to be to start with the Junior protocol because that doesn’t have music as an option in the Soundflow, and you can activate Soundflow and other non-Junior options later. Less hassle than having to go in and customise everything, particularly as surely the auto mode will take sounds that appear to be music and activate the program it thinks is “music” and you end up with “Speech in Noise” every time you go near music, rather than it just ignoring music completely. I don’t think I am a natural candidate for auto programs anyway!

No expert here but I don’t believe you can remove or turn off any of the auto/Soundflow programs in the 2.5a or 2.6 iPFG. You can adjust how they function but turning them off, I don’t think so.

You can run your aids in manual all the time and that would hinder the Auto/Soundflow programs from functioning.

Maybe one of the pros will jump in and verify this.

Good luck

I am tempted by running them in manual but the thing is that I really want the two programs in there, I want all around hearing most of the time so I can tell if someone is speaking to me from behind, and then once I know they are speaking to me I want speech in noise. I find the Siemens are too prone to decide that the environment is “noise only” and dim the mics so much I can’t hear anyone anywhere, and I want to make sure if I get new ones they never, ever do that. If it’s too loud for me then I will mute it myself. They can’t seem to tell the difference between you walking through a building site (noise reduction yes please!) and trying to talk to your partner in a busy restaurant (noise reduction no thanks!).

There are 3 programs in Soundflow - Calm, Speech-in-Noise and Comfort-in-Noise. These are there all the time but you can program how they behave. If you don’t like Comfort-in-Noise then program it to be exactly the same as Calm-Situation. Then you have effectively removed Comfort-in-Noise.

The optional programs are Acoustic Telephone, Music and Mute. These are all entirely optional as to whether you include them or not and how you program them. (Except for Mute !)

Also, iPFG starts your HA’s in Soundflow mode when you switch them on by default. However you can change this to make them start up in another program and avoid the automatic Soundflow altogether. You can then switch manually to whatever you want when you want.



I’ve been playing with iPFG 2.6. I have not been able to change the startup program to be anything other than automatic. Can you give me the key clicks for this?

Also, I also did not see any way to remove Music from SoundFlow. Key clicks?

I would appreciate it as I am trying to learn the software in advance of my new Smart IX’s which will arrive next week.


Go to End Fitting. Click Hearing Instrument options, then Manual Controls & Startup, on bottom right of screen is Start-Up Program button. Click and then choose which program you want at startup.

I’m by no means a pro.
By running the aids in a manual program it does indeed override any auto function.

I run my Smart V’s exclusively on a manual Calm Situation program. I also have a mute setting for when I’m on the phone and it’s loud around me. I can go to auto program mode if needed.

Rose, I sent you a PM with instructions.


Thanks CryMeARiver! I didn’t have any manual programs set, so when I went there earlier there was only one choice, SoundFlow. Your post made me add a manual program, then when I went there I had a choice. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately a misunderstanding - still seeking an answer, guys. Thanks.