IOS16.3 update today

I updated my iPhone 13 to the IOS16.3, my More1 aids are at 1.4. And will be updated Wednesday to 1.4.2. So far no issues and haven’t had any streaming connection issues but it has really been too little time to know. Also my phone lives in my shirt pocket so I am never out of range of my phone. I also use my connect clip paired to my iPad to prevent connecting conflicts between the phone and tablet.


Can the connect clip be paired to multiple devices? I am assuming only one active at a time.

I have had my connect clip paired to a Fire Tablet, my MacBook and my iPad. Now there is only one connection at a time as far as I can tell. But you don’t have to forget and pair to the other. I believe the instructions I read said up to 8 devices.


That’s great news!

How about connectivity if you leave your iPhone in the hall and you were at the kitchen. Will the More HA’s reconnect back to the iPhone? This happen with iPhone 13 on OS 16.2 with More firmware 1.4

I don’t dare try it until after I get my aids updated to 1.4.2 on Wednesday.

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I will follow your instruction - iPhone always in the pocket!


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Updating the firmware to 1.4.1 fixed this issue for me. I have not updated my phone to 16.3 yet though

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My hearing aids were updated to 1.4.2 yesterday. For the first time in months, they are working properly with my iPhone (iOS 16.2) and my ConnectClip. I think I will hold off for a while before I update to iOS 16.3.

I have updated to 16.3 with no issues at all

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With 16.3, it seems to kill my Phonak P90RT right aid MUCH faster than 16.2 - I have 2 sets, and both show this.Today, at 9PM, the left aid shows 37%, and the right id at 9% - I’ve never had this happen in two years of having these aids.

And with my MFi aids the battery life is better and the aids are stable now connectivity wise. The Phonak aids are classic Bluetooth. And iPhone is set to LE Bluetooth and designed to work with MFI hearing devices and aids. Why the worse battery life I have no idea.

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I upgraded yesterday. So far so good.