IOS15, WatchOS 8 release date 09/20/2021

Apple just announced that IOS15, WatchOS 8, and Apple TV OS upgrades will release this next Monday September, 20.
I still have questions about the MFI changes in the IOS15 upgrade.

I am seeing no mention of the MFI changes that was talked about in the early information released in June?

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Good questions we will have to wait.

I’m running the iOS 15 beta, and WatchOS 8 beta, and only notice one change. When I triple click to bring up the hearing aid settings, there’s a Background Sounds selector at the bottom of the screen. When I click on it, rain sound start playing through the phone speakers. I can adjust the volume, but see nowhere to select other sounds, nor get it to stream directly to the aids. See the screenshot below.

Try the background sound turning on.

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Not sure what you mean. I did turn it on and off by tapping that icon. The sound plays only through the iPhone speakers, and it’s only a rain sound that you can adjust the volume on.

How do you have your hearing aids set in hearing devices in settings. Try setting them to always and see what happens

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I thought I’d done that yesterday, but must have screwed something up. Doing it today, and setting streaming to either alway on or automatic for both calls and media does direct the rain sound to the aids.

And I can select which of the 4 programs is used in conjunction with the streaming. And with each I can have the hearing aid mics on or off. Very interesting.


What hearing aids do you have?

I’m wearing Jabra Enhance Pro PM aids from Costco - rebranded ReSound Ones.

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Those background sounds in the accessibility menu presumably work on any output device (they do work on the Oticons). There are 6 options including rain, ocean, stream and some white noise options….

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I finally figured out how to select the sound. Settings, Accessibility, Audio/Visual, Background Sounds.