IOS 14 Apple Finally Fixed Text Alerts

So what all system sounds does that enable?

Text alerts, email alerts, keyboard clicks, photo shutter, my Xfinity app door opening chimes.
Pretty much all. Phone ring in ears is controlled separately, and can be toggled on and off from the screen I sent in previous post.
I couldn’t always hear text alerts when phone plays sounds, even with aids in.


Well that will disabled on my iPhone, and do not want any of that to my hearing aids. Only the phone calls.

I’m running with the beta right now, and also have the Apple Watch. What I’ve noticed with the switch on in the settings is that anything that alerts me on my watch - texts, notices etc - will not come to the hearing aids. Therefore pretty much all I get in the HAs is when I’m typing I hear the click click. Or if iPhone screen is on, and notice would go to the phone.

If I’m not wearing my watch it all comes to the HAs when the switch is on. With switch off it is exactly like pre beta

I get all my notifications to my watch with IOS13 so hopefully that will not change,I prefer the notifications to the watch and never to the hearing aids.

You can always turn off keyboard clicks in Settings -> Sounds.

I’ve been thinking about getting an Apple Watch, I was on borderline, this is great info to know, thanks for sharing

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I really love my Apple Watch, I am a hiker, and I do a lot of walking so I love the activity apps. It was suggested to my by my doctor for the hard fall monitor and the ECG, and heart rate checking.

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iOS 14 hasn’t arrive downunder as yet :cry:

it is only in Beta at this time, so they are using Beta software that hasn’t be fully verified


I like the notifications well enough but 14 Beta has other quirks I don’t like.
Removing it for now, I can wait for actual release.
Should be in September.

Did they include the feature that allows the Apple Pro ear buds to use the microphone of the I phone like an assistive listening device.

I think so but I don’t have the wireless ear buds.
The mic worked with the HAs, (Oticon OPN S)