IOS 14 Apple Finally Fixed Text Alerts

I downloaded IOS 14 beta and you have a system sounds option in Accessibility Hearing Aids to turn on this feature.
Finnally fixed after all these months, text alerts are back in my ears.


So so long as I can not have them in my hearing aids. I do not want them in my hearing aids at all.

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You have the option now to either receive an alert or not, I’m so glad they made it optional.


Then that is great. I just find the alerts to my aids completely irritating. I just want my iphone to vibrate. I also have the Apple watch and I do like my notifications to go to it.

Yeah it’s better now I had to get a apple watch just to get a vibration so I would know when I get alerts.
Now I no longer need the watch, I’m pretty much deaf now…even with my Oticon OPNs1’s I have a hard time hearing an alert.

What turned me off was being in the middle of a phone call and a notification would happen and I would lose so much information from the call that I was lost. But I could not totally turn off notifications either because I get calls all the time from the Veterans help line to help my brothers in need. Those calls are so very important to me and to the person calling. We Veterans do not like to reach out for help unless it is an emergency.


I want to first thank you for your service to this country and God bless all our veterans and soldiers. I don’t like talking on phones I avoid if possible I miss so much information and call caption app I have is terrible.


As long as I have my calls streamed to both hearing aids, I do very well. And now that the VA has upgraded my hearing aids to the OPNS1 with more power I am doing extremely well with speech understanding. I just have to time when I do the phones calls so I am not tired out. As you know once we get tired our speech understanding goes down. I do great in the early mornings and for up to about 6 hours then I start going down hill from there.

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Streaming phone calls to both ears is a definite requirement for me. It is so great. There are times I don’t do so well, so maybe I’m tired. Haven’t known about that, but will pay attention now. Thank you. And Thank You for your service.


well that’s got to be the best news to start the week with the only downside is how long do we in Australia have to wait before apple will release IOS 14 to us ?

I have been missing alerts. How do I get ios14 beta?

Go to
Sign in and download the ios 14 beta profile then install it.
You should see the software download available in the about>software update section.
Make sure you use Safari to do this not Chrome.
Also Google the enroll in ios14 beta really easy.

You should be able to do the beta install now.

Downloaded already. I was so upset when alert sounds went…

Go to Accessibility and Hearing Aids toggle on the play system sounds let me know if it works.

Saw your earlier post directions. I have been hoping for that toggle switch. When I complained to Apple in December, they reported it was about 50/50 on having text sounds etc in hearing aides. Having a toggle gives us choice!
I can hear my typing again!
Thanks for posting about iOS14 Beta. I am happily hearing alerts again!

Are there any there any other improvements for hearing aids other than notifications. I will not take any chances for notifications that I don’t want anyway.

I am finding that typing is any app interrupts TV streaming for a few seconds.
Anyone found a way around that??


Need a source for OPN S Lli-ion batteries.

Has anyone switched t iOS14 beta 3?
I do not want to lose system sounds again.

I answered my own question, I updated to beta 3 and toggle is still there for system sounds

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