iOS 13.3 no changes for hearing aid users

iOS 13.3 is out, as is watchOS 6.1.1, I am not noticing any changes for our hearing aids other than it seems to be more stable. I had no issues with my aids connecting this time, and did not need to pair my aids again. The ON app still connects to the aids about the same. The watch seems to be a little more responsive at making changes to volume of the aids.

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I just updated my iPhone 8+ and iPad Pro to IOS 3.3. What I find now is that for the first time ever if I have my Oticon OPN1 aids paired to both devices and want to stream to my aids from one of the devices the aids are connected properly and I don’t have to switch off BlueTooth on one of the devices so the other can take control of streaming.

I have been testing this with each iteration of IOS 13 and this is the first time that it appears to work correctly. Maybe Apple has finally figured out how to make this work like you would expect.


Good to know I was scared to try it, I will now give it a go.

So far so good.

There is still conflicts with the syncing of the hearing aid volume when I make a change on one device and the other device wants to force it back to where it believes it should be. Also with the changing from my default program to the TV connect.

My iPhone 7 is driving me crazy with Wi-Fi dropping out in less than an hour. It is at the point where I have to turn it off and back on again every time I want to use an app that needs Wi-Fi. Really praying for a fix for that.

I see the Alerts still do not go to my aids, so I will be sending my usual bug report to Apple. That is a significant deficiency in the way the iPhone works. It is almost as bad as the Wi-Fi drop out.

I have never had issues with my WIFI dropping connections. My router at home is a linksys and I can connect on either the 2.4 or the 5 gig networks with out issues. I have also connected to wifi networks while out at KOA campsites without any issues.
Does your issue happen with ever WIFI you have ever connected to all just certain ones. And I also have iPhone 7 but a plus

I am using the iphone7 and have had no negitive issues with my aids and all the ios updates. I got my aids before the updates and the audi paired them with my phone at that time and I have not had to pair them again after any of the updates I get all alerts that I currently want. I wonder if maybe the issues you are having are with the aids and not your phone?

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I am using the router provided by my internet and TV provider, which is a large Canadian telephone company (Telus). I have been getting some suggestions from a Telus forum. The router I believe is an ActionTec that uses two bonded telephone lines to get a high speed service. The router used something they called “SmartSteering” which would dynamically direct devices on the WiFi to the appropriate band. I have turned that off and set up both a 2.4 and 5 GB SSID. I am now forcing the iPhone and other home devices are on the 5 GB band. At first it seemed to improve things. But now it is the worst it has ever been. On 13.3 it didn’t last more than a couple of hours before it dropped out. My phone is normally located within a couple of feet of the router. But I do move it about the house.

I have not connected to another WiFi for any length of time to determine if there is a problem. I do know that my wife’s Android phone, Android Tablet, and ASUS laptop PC all run on the WiFi and have no problem. It is only the iPhone.

Both the iPhone and the router show the status as “Connected”, but when you use an app on the phone that needs the WiFi it does not connect and times out. It comes back and says there is no network. It is very strange. The only thing that gives me some relief is to power down the router, and back up again, and also reset the Network setting in the iPhone. That works for 2-4 days, and then it goes into the funk again.

What kind of aids are you using? Are the alerts going direct to your hearing aids? Which version of iOS 13?

I’m sure my WiFi dropout has nothing to do with the aids. It is just the iPhone that does not work if the app needs WiFi.

My internet provider installed a cable modem with wireless built in and I disabled the wireless and connected my wireless router instead so I have full control of my security and it also s stronger and covers my house much better. Plus I have too many wireless devices for the wireless router the cable company provided.

I am using Starkeys and yes the alerts go straight to my aids no matter where I am home shop car stores church. I am on the most recent ios update although I don’t belive the lastest one had anything to do with HAs

If I unpair my Apple Watch then my notifications go to my aids. But with the watch the notifications go to the watch

Are they MFi aids???

Well, iPhone X, 13.2.3; Oticon OPN 1s.

I lost all iPhone interface to my HAs. I can not even get a read of my battery charge, a phone ring or a signal of a text.

Who can I write?

Last night I loaded iOS 13.3. On my iPhone X.

Oticon OPN 1s.

I have lost control from my phone controls.

Now even the Oticon App can not see the HAs and is prompting that I need to Pair, making suggestions that do match screens in Settings.

I have tried several times and can not get a result. Have to stop and go to work.

Bummer, no in ear phone rings, TV streaming feeds, no text message alerts in the ear.

Yes Bluetooth and the rest is on.

Yes they are MFi aids I don’t have a clue why some are having so many issues I just glad mine are working so well

That is certainly an anomaly. I had the alerts going to my ears with iOS 13.1, but since 13.2 and later they are gone. It was nice when it was working.

I am not sure why so many are having issues and others are not. There is maybe an answer in that some of the phones have different vendors parts in them that could cause issues and we are not being told about the issues

That is likely 1000% true. :roll_eyes:

My Costco ReSound aids are now working ok, though not like they were before iOS 13.x releases. I bough an iPhone 11 with iOS 13 and had major issues with HAs and a Blood Pressure monitor that connects via bluetooth. (I returned the iPhone 11.)

I exchanged many emails, phone calls, and visits in the local Apple Store beginning is September. Yesterday, I got an email from the manufacturer of the blood pressure cuff that they identified the issue and released a firmware update for the blood pressure cuff iteself to resolve the issue. They released on version of their app to try and fix the issue (it did not).

I think those of us have issues with iOS 13 are caused by the HA manufacturers not researching and testing the iOS changes before it released. I made contact wtih a local Apple employee who has been very transparent on the iOS 13 HA issues, and he stated that the manufacturers ahd almost a year of lead information about iOS 13, but only one that he knew about actually proactively worked with Apple prior to release. (He would not tell me who, he is under a NDA.)

ReSound has released one update since the iOS 13 release, and it does not state that it addressed the iOS 13 issues. For me it has not.

I am still using the iPhone 7plus, I was tempted by the Veterans discount I get to get the 11 and I am glad I didn’t. The 7 has continued to work for me, I will wait until it cannot be updated anymore or it quits to get a new one. By the way I want a smaller phone and not something that is the large size of the 7plus. It is just to big for shirt and pants pockets

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I use an iPhone 7, now using 13.3, with KS8 (Rexton/Signia) hearing aids. My issue is that the alerts would go direct to my hearing aids if I set them up that way in the MFi Audio Routing screen with 13.1, but now don’t with 13.2, and 13.3. This funtionality has nothing to do with the Connexx app that runs on my iPhone. They should do this with the hearing aids paired to the iPhone, and not the app. It is part of the MFi functionality. And that is where the problem seems to be, if it is a bug, and not intentional on the part of Apple. There is nothing the hearing aid company can do by updating the app. If there is something required on their part to make it MFi compliant with iOS 13.x, then it would have to be done with a firmware update of the aids. I am not aware of any firmware update that is available for my aids, but perhaps I should ask. Or, this is an Apple caused bug, which would seem to be the case, as it did work with 13.1.