iOS 13.2.3 released (bug fixes - no mention of hearing aids)

This just released.

Maybe the fix for background apps will help some of us with HA app issues? Installing now. Will report changes.

It is only for email issues from what I can see.

Do the Alerts to the ears work? That is my main issue with iOS 13.2. WiFi dropping out is secondary issue.

The “background app issues” in the link title seem better for me with the ReSound app trying to grab focus with every app I open. Still an issue with first connection after hearing aids are off, like just now with a battery change.

Like @cvkemp, I have an Apple Watch that handles all alerts when on my wrist. I have never had alerts to my HA, only calls, so I do not know, sorry.

Many (most) would say that would be another step backwards. It used to never behave this way, then it did by accident in iOS 13, and then Apple fixed it. Your aids are functioning as intended, it seems you enjoyed what most people deem as a bug.


Perhaps I am different. I have a hearing loss, and cannot reliably hear my phone alerts even when the volume is turned up to maximum. Doing this also annoys all the people around me that can hear with the sound of alerts etc. I would much prefer to only hear them myself, and not annoy other people. 13.1 worked perfectly for me as I could turn off alerts I did not want to hear, and adjust the volume of alerts that I did want to hear.

I just tested the 13.2.3 release and still no alerts to the ears. I will send in my usual bug report, and also send in another suggestion to add Alerts to the Audio Routing screen.


Like I have said before the only way they will every satisfy most of us is if they give us a choice of alerts to the aids or no alerts to the aids and call ringtones only.

This just doesn’t appear to be a priority fix for Apple right now. They have far too many other issues that need to be fixed with IOS13 before they start addressing our problems.

I am on 13.3 public beta 2 and still no improvements on my Oticon S1’s.

I just spoke to Starkey tech support about the recent 13.2.3 update he said that it does not have anything to do with HAs. He said if I did update to it that I might have to unpair and then do a re pair of that aids. He said that 13.2.2 was perfect for my aids. I have not had any issues with 13.2.2 I get alerts that I want and the ones I have turned off don’t come through. I even get alerts from my security cameras so I always know when the mailman or other delivery drivers show up. My personal experience with all the recent updates has been trouble free. I have not even had to reconnect my aids it has all been a seamlees experience. I am using a iphone 7. ymmv

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With the Resound app re pair your hearing aids. Once each has been paired a question pops up asking if “allow alerts” select that. I think you can also go to “hearing device” in the app and select streaming.

I have the KS8 aids with the Rexton Smart Direct app. It does not seem to have that capability. It has a System Sounds screen where you can turn the various hearing aid sounds on and off, and adjust the volume. But what I am looking for are Alerts originating in the iPhone like a new Message going to my ears.

I’ve been working with Apple Tech Support and twice I have been told it should be working and closed the case. I guess they are more interested in getting those little silly emojis working instead of fixing the problem that they created.

Check the accessibility icon which should be 4 down from General In system pref app. There should be a hearing aid selection there. Open that and see if that allows you to set alerts

Yes, I have that set to Play Ringtones, and that works. I also have the Audio Routing for both Call Audio and Media Audio set to Automatic. That worked with iOS 13.1, but not with 13.2. I have also tried setting those to “Always Hearing Devices” but that doesn’t help.I think what is needed is a third line in the Audio Routing screen for Alerts or Notifications, so you could specifically set them.