iOS 11.x Slows down the bluetooth connectivity to Hearing Aids

I have been using iPhone(s) and Resound Linx 961 for 5 years and their BT direct connectivity to the iPhones was very good, with some hiccups of disconnecting if too far from the phone but reasonable performance.

I just updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 11.1 and now the response time to pass the call or media audio to the HA is unacceptably long to a point of losing a call because I can’t hear the people on the other side for 15 to 30 seconds while the phone streams to my H Aids.

I submitted a claim to Apple’s Disability line tech support and they could not find a problem yet, we did the typical reconnect, repair, delete all settings etc. to no avail.

To solve the issue momentarily I disable call routing to the HA and use the speaker but is annoying and I must be in a private room to talk.

If anyone had this issue and resolved it please let us know.

I wouldn’t necessarily blame it on the iOS 11.1.x being the real culprit for the problem you’re experiencing. That’s because the iOS 11.1.x has been pretty good for Oticon OPNs based on my personal experience after I switch from iOS 10.x to iOS 11.1.x. If iOS 11.x is the real culprit to blame then not just Resound but other mfg’s firmwares would have been thrown off as well and EVERYBODY would be complaining about iOS 11.x.

It’s possible that the Resound Linx 961 firmware makes use of something in a non-standard way that used to work well before but whatever is changed in iOS 11.1.x no longer supports the Resound firmware anymore. While maybe other mfg like Oticon adheres to whatever iOS 11.1.x more strictly and therefore their firmware didn’t break like the Resound firmware when switching from iOS 10.x to 11.x.

I don’t know where the fault lies - Resound or IOS11 - but ever since IOS11, I have nothing but problems with Bluetooth, including the one mentioned. The most annoying problem is having to re-pair frequently. My audiologist points his finger at Apple.

I’ve heard this from another user as well. I’ve got ReSounf Linx 3Ds and have not upgraded because of this issue. Has anyone moved to 11 with these aids successfully? Audie told me ReSound has blessed the upgrade.

I’m wearing Linx3D with iOS 11.1.2 and the issues seem to have gone away. Occasionally one of the hearing aids doesn’t connect. Turning it off and on immediately fixes it.


After dealing for 4 weeks with the delays in streaming to my HA, lost calls, switching audio between hearing aids to speaker to phone and back; and after submitting all the diagnostics logs from my phone to Apple Disability Line Tech Support … i just received a call from my Tech Rep admitting that Apple is aware these issues are happening to the community and do not have a solution yet.

It is related to the iOS 11.x and not the devices themselves, so it may happen to any HA brand/model, cars, BT devices etc.

Apple does NOT recommend nor support moving back to iOS 10.x; there are no Apple known palliatives to try.

Short sitting down and waiting or buying an Android not many options.

KS 6 here and I’ve reported similar issues to apple. I use iPhone 7 plus and noticed the changes immediately with ios 11. I was able to get the KS 6 firmware updated from 4.5.5 to 4.5.7 yesterday at my store, but haven’t had enough phone calls to determine if it made a difference.

Considering the press around Apple slowing things down on older phones via softwARE due to “battery issues”, you could possibly resolve this issue by getting a new battery. Apple has discounted new batteries on older phones to address this issue.

I found this interesting article. Whether it will improve bluetooth HA connection or do anything positive for our phones, we’ll see. Initially I thought the delay in opening software, etc. was because I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile.

The same day Apple announced their battery swap option I went to Apple and got an appointment a week later to take all my information (Apple already had everything since I had a 30 day interaction with the Supervisors of Disability group Tech Support and downloaded gigabytes of phone diagnostics data…) , a week later after the appointment with their ‘Geniuses’ they said as I suspected they don’t have stock and have to wait another 15 days… still at a $29 profit for a battery that was less than a year old which I never abuse since don’t ‘game’ or triple task like many, just use to HEAR because that’s what a phone is for…

I still have the horrendous 5 to 20 second delays (random) and the audio switching between speaker, phone, my car BT and HA sometimes is a merry go round; while driving I have to disable the HA so I can use the car speaker.

I read the article posted about the ‘new secret update’ that’s probably related to the Intel chip security flaw and I have no expectation of them fixing the ‘delays’. Other phones use the same batteries from same manufacturers just labeled Samsung or LG, Nokia,… anyone melting there? and their phones are as good as my iPhone.

I am afraid the battery replacement wont fix the issue, if Tech Support did say to me they were ‘not sure yet’ even after their public disclosure who guarantees my time and money spent changing a battery will resolve the HA issues?? (no refunds on the battery or my time).

Apple lost my trust,

Will let you know once I get the battery installed.


Just an update, Feb 8… still after a new battery was installed, my iPhone 6 checked by the Apple techies ‘Geniuses’ and updated to iOS 11.2.5 the issue remains. Contacted Apple Disability Tech support again for an update on my open Case and asked for a loaner phone and they stated ‘we are aware of this being a software issue, changing phones will not resolve the problem as the issue relates to the software’…’ our engineers are trying to understand where the problem resides…’ …‘there is nothing else we can do’ = tough luck consumers with disabilities.

…it has been 4 months and they are still trying to understand what went wrong? i don’t believe they are doing much at all, hearing aid dependent customer base is pretty small so all IT efforts goes to make revenue not fix a few people’s problems…

I would not say opn works perfectly with ios 11.
I have never encounter connectivity issue. But my phone is slower and the streaming latency increased.

I used to reboot my iPhone to get smaller latency of live listen. Now 5 minutes after rebooting the latency is unbearable. I went for a connect clip, which is immune to Apple’s deoptimizing.

I was able to resolve this issue by Resetting my iPhone X back to factory default and DON’T INSTALL HEARING AID APP !!!
I have the ReSound Cala 8 from Costco. I trouble shoot this on my own. Costco, ReSound and Apple Tech support was no help. In my case it was the Resound Smart App that was corrupting my 11.3.1 IOS.

Goto Settings/General/Reset/Erase All Content and Settings. After reset, pair HA’s with your phone.

Good Luck.