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So, I’ve posted this question before & admittedly, I’m not technologically savy & the answers are usually above my head. Don’t even have my hearing aids yet (appointment at Costco is 11/19) but am trying to iron out potential issues. I’m thinking I’m going to get the Costco 8.0 hearing aids based on price & ability to link with iphone. Unfortunately, for my job, I have a number of different telephone scenarios that I encounter. I get to work from home fairly frequently & it requires making a lot of outgoing phone calls using a land line using a cordless phone. Its a traditional landline using AT&T. The company provides this land line & when I make outgoing calls, I need to use the outline so that my company is reflected on people’s caller ID. I currently use a headphone plugged into this cordless phone & it’s got a bit of amplification on it, but I don’t always hear clearly. Someone mentioned a plantonics device with a dongle, but the fine print on ad for this device said it may not be compatible with made for iphone hearing aids, which I assume the Kirkland 8.0 hearing aids are. I stumbled upon this device on amazon Don’t know if the link will work, but it is called the Invoxia Voice Bridge. It’s also above my head, but would your interpretation be that I would be able to make outgoing land line calls using my i phone, hence being able to use my hearing aids through my iphone to hear? Or is there an easier way? Thank you in advance. I’m rather obsessed with how I’m going to use the hearing aids with the land line since it is a big portion of my job.

The Plantronics MDA200 and the SSP2714-01 Bluetooth dongle work fine on digital office phones. I used it successfully on the KS8. But, I have never used it on a residential phone. On a residential phone I use a Panasonic Link to Cell phone and it works fine. In either case you will need the Rexton Smart Mic Bluetooth device. The Panasonic thinks your hearing aid equipment is a headset.

You could ask Invoxia, but maybe they wouldn’t know. It’s more of an iPhone internals question than a telephony question. You may just have to buy it and try it. If it works, you’ll have the eternal gratitude of many people here.

Just bought one of these in the hope it would help my wife who is unable to hear on landline phones but unfortunately it doesn’t work reliably. Wrote to Invoxia and their reply is copied below.

Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately no it won’t work. Voicebridge does not work well (at all) with hearing aids.
It may works sometimes but it will not be steady and reliable.

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John, thank you for this information. Please let me know if you figure out something that works.

Connecting a mobile phone to my hearing aids makes using the telephone much easier. I also have a land line and have been wishing for a way to connect it to my HA. The Invoxia Voice Bridge is not a perfect solution but is a step in that direction. This (Amazon $55 used) gizmo lets you make and receive calls on a landline from your mobile phone. What it does not seem to do is pipe the landline calls to the hearing aids, at least not with my Phonak M90 and Samsung S8. Even so, mobile phone calling has the advantage of adjustable volume.
The Voice Bridge device plugs into a land line, an internet modem or router, and electrical power. It is operated via a mobile phone App. It connects to the mobile phone via Wi-Fi. It does not use Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth connection between my mobile and HAs seem to be lost when the Voice Bridge App is running.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

My old office phone had an inductive loop in the receiver. Worked great with my hearing aids (within the limits of my hearing of course). Need a t-coil in your aids though.

I haven’t had a landline at home in eleven years so I don’t know if they’re available to regular folks.