Invisible in canal hearing aid - Recommendation please - Audiogram attached

Hi all

Looking for some advice / guidance please.

I have never had a hearing aid before and I am 43 years old - so its all new to me.

I have had a recent hearing test in Sept 2021 and I have a copy of the audiogram (attached).

I am looking for a hearing aid which is highly discrete and have no requirement for lots of extra features like Bluetooth or recharging battery etc . Instead I just want a really good quality hearing aid, that will improve my hearing.

Budget is not an issue, as I am prepared to spend a good amount of money for a high quality product.

I have already undertaken some provisional research and I am aware of all the major brands such as Phonak, Signia etc etc

However based on my particular hearing loss - which is quite bad in one ear and high frequency loss in the other ear, I am just wondering which hearing aids would be most suitable for me.

Any specific recommendations are highly appreciated and I have an appointment booked with an audiologist on the 3rd Dec 2021, to discuss possible hearing aid options. Prior to this appointment, I am interested to hear the views of the forum please.

Your right ear is far out of the range for an CIC Aid or ITE Aid.

What’s the reason you want invisible?

Thanks for your reply Zebras.

I want an invisible hearing aid because I have never worn a hearing aid before and I have had this problem since I was a child.

I have never purchased a hearing aid previously because I was conscious about what other people might think.

However I am now ready to wear a hearing aid, especially after seeing how discrete these new invisible hearing aids are.

My primary concern is that if a hearing aid is visible ,I just wont wear it so it would be a waste.

As its my first ever hearing aid, being discrete is critical to me.

I am going to ask you the same question as I was asked about 18 years ago. What is more important to be able to hear or to have aids that can’t be seen. For me it was to be able to hear my grandkids, and to continue to make a living for my wife and myself.
The MiniRite aids now days are very comfortable and most people never notice them, they notice the fact you can either hear or not more.


@rajgsi: FWIW, I’m in complete agreement with Chuck @cvkemp. You’ll have to put your self-consciousness aside if you want to hear.


I wear RIC hearing aids. They are practically invisible - even more so than my CIC or ITC aids that I wore for a while. If you have hair - nobody will notice - and who cares anyway?

Hearing aids are half the size of BTEs of 20 years ago.


If I go for a CIC hearing aid, is it fair to assume the following:

  1. For my ‘good’ ear it would resolve the issue around high frequency loss.

  2. For my ‘bad’ ear, I would perhaps fix 80% of the problem.

The way I look at it, the CIC hearing aid is something I would certainly wear and on top of that the problem with my good ear would be fully resolved.

In addition, the problem with bad ear would be 80% resolved. I actually think that would be a good result, when you compare it to the fact I have worn no hearing aids at all for the last 30 years.

My hair is quite short so would be noticeable if i went for something bigger that CIC hearing aids.

I know exactly what you mean, that i should not care how it looks.

However in reality, I am not confident enough to go for something visible for my very first hearing aid. Remember I have worn nothing for 30 years, even though I knew I had a problem with my hearing.

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I wear a military haircut, not much more than a shaved head, no one knows I wear MIniRite aids with custom ear molds, because no one looks unless you tell them. And for me to be able to hear my best I tell anyone that will listen about my hearing aids and that even with the best aids possible for my hearing loss there are times I need help understanding what the other person is saying. I gave up on getting by when I can have the best possible for my hearing needs.

I understand your point and that is why I wear invisible aids. For me Phonak titanium has been the best; Virto B or M. Tried Starkey, but did not feel right.

I can understand that. I used to be like that, but not any more.

Looking at your audiogram, you may be get away with CIC on one ear. Not on the other. You would be pushing your luck even with a standard RIC - you would need a custom 105 receiver.

Good luck - it’s a difficult one. Starkey have a very good reputation for CIC and probably Phonak as well. But I don’t know of any exceeding 70db in gain - the feedback would be too much.

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Something that no one has said is that poorly fit hearing aids can be worse than no hearing aids.

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Thanks for your recommendation vKareh.

I have seen the Phonak titanium Virto M in real life and I was amazed at how small they were - very impressive.

I think its definitely a hearing aid worth short listing for me. I will discuss it with my audiologist, when i see him next week.

Many thanks for the recommendation, its much appreciated.

Many thanks for the recommendations glucas.

You certainly sound like you know what you are talking about.

I will look into both the Phonak and Starkey CIC products - perhaps even test them both out and see which I prefer.

Many thanks for the recommendations, much appreciated.

Yes makes alot of sense cvKemp.

I have been recommended a great local audiologist - he has over 20 years experience.

He is fully independent, so he is open to looking at various options.

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Hi Rajgsi,

I don’t know more than anybody on here. I just happen to have worn the aids and have a severe loss like yours and have faced the same issues. Ultimately unfortunately it’s a bit of a compromise, to get the power you need to have to wear something a bit bigger. I hankered after IIC/CIC for years. Yes - the fitting range may say one can go up to CIC (up to 80db to 90db loss), but it doesn’t deliver the power to satisfaction in my view for that kind of loss. Think small transistor radio in the kitchen as opposed to stereo with floor standing speakers in your living room.

I was able to hear, but there’s a but… lol. It’s not the same experience as a RIC/BTE.

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Thanks for your message glucas.

Fully understand what you mean and your analogy makes alot of sense.

If I use a CIC hearing aid, which then resolves the issue with my ‘good’ ear and resolves 80% of the issue with my ‘bad’ ear. I think I would be very pleased with that result.

Like you say, it is a compromise. I think the main thing for me as a first time hearing aid user, is that I actually use the hearing aids everyday; as opposed to just storing them somewhere in the house after awhile.

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I’ve worn hearing aids for two decades, and nobody notices that I wear hearing aids. I’m convinced that I could wear grapefruits behind my ears and nobody would notice.

I wear RICs and have short hair, and it just isn’t an issue. Asking people to repeat themselves is an issue, and wearing properly fitted aids solves that for me.

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ICI is not gonna be that good, they do not vent well, get most and burn out due to moisture. I’ve nuked 3 of them.

I went ric no more problems

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Good point ktthejoker20.

Looks like reliability might become a possible issue due to the hostile environment in the canal i.e. wax and sweat

Some people naturally create a lot of ear wax or sweat a lot.

I suppose you won’t know if you are one of the unlucky ones until you give the aids a shot.