Introduce your self as having hearing loss


I feel this is important and something I have followed and done when at meetings for a very long time.



That’s a positive outlook on things. Something we could all use sometimes having a hearing loss.
Thanks for sharing.

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i have opposite experience they might speak 1 time when they new one but if it will be repetitive like group work or discussion they left us. no one be willing to wast their time unless they have valuable benefit from gathering. second trick they just tell how are you and skip away us. that’s it. may be writer of article is female that might given slight upper hand for asking help.even wont get message reply from colleague i have to arrange some one if i have o ask them something. by the way university life completed. it was bit nightmare days.still not getting work.



I have had just the opposite experience from you. I hav had very good luck with being up front and honest about my hearing.



reason is environment. you are in village area and i am living in metro with lot of noisy palces. busy road university, road touch homes and office fans on old tv ect,…thats why i can’t call every one to silent or moderate noise environment when ever i have to talk plus asymetry and low freqency loss pose me at situation i can’t get benefit as skie slope loss folks.



I never had an issue even the 10 years that I was still working technical support and living in the Austin Texas area. Which is very much I high tech area. I was always up front and a lot of times would even ask for my customers to email or IM me information that I couldn’t understand over the phone. I believe it is always about putting a positive spin on everything and being as honest as possible.



I have always been upfront about my hearing loss. With my loss, I have to be :grinning:
Whether at work, going to the doctors, dentist, whatever, the first words out of my mouth is “I am hearing impaired”, I read lips, if you need to ask me a question, please look at me when you speak.
When I was still working, I used the email system. No phones.
Made my customers aware, if they needed to contact me they must use email.
I did have one customer who just didn’t want to, or kept forgetting.
He called my boss to complain. The first thing my boss asked was, did you call her or email. When he realized, he never complained again.
There will always be instances where people will not want to deal with you, I have had my share, but all in all, I feel most are truly accommodating.



Really interesting, I went to a conference a few starts back on being disability confident, one of the workshops was on introductions and telling people about your hearing loss (you need the confidence to do this so people know the issue and how to help).

The guidance here was not to be defined by your disability, I am not X with a hearing loss, I am X who works in a Bank, is a Dad of 2, has hobbies and I also have hearing loss.

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I really appreciate all of this input. It is very helpful . I never quite know how much to say if anything. Advocating for myself and also for my mother who lives with hearing loss in a nursing home. Talk about difficult, they do not want to deal with hearing aids.



This why you should be up front about your hearing loss and never hide it

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I even wear a “hard of hearing” button to some things. Especially when I am travelling and will be in all kinds of new/strange situations with people who do not know me. I have one I particularly like that says Please Face Me / I am hard of hearing