Interton BTE-IQ BigNano twin Users

Does anyone have experience with this unit? I have set on order that should be here in a few days. I have the technical data on them, but I cannot find any user feedback on them.
Thanks, Lee

I’m on my 3rd week of testing my Interton BTE Open Canal aids. I like them…they are a far cry from the CICs I’ve been shoving in my ears the past number of years. They are exceptionally confortable and no occlusion…YIPPEE! BUT they screech/whistle and can’t figure out whats causing it.

I’d like to talk to another who might be using or testing Interton aids. Hope we will be talking about the same type. Mine are BTE with a wee little tube tht inserts a soft plstic tiny speaker into the canal. It is almost invisiable front front or side view.

Mine are from Costco…please let me hear from you