Interpreting My Test Results

This is probably a pretty dumb inquiry, but I note that most posters on this forum include a table of their hearing test results (audiograms?) I’ve uploaded my latest test results. Could someone tell me if I am interpreting the results correctly? Is it simply a matter of picking the values off the chart for each frequency? Separate numbers are provided in the chart for AC and BC. Is this air and bone conductivity results? Which should I use for the chart?

I get:

250 L 10 R 10
500 L 10 R 23
1000 L 23 R 23
2000 L 60 R 65
3000 L 56 R 60
4000 L 55 R 55
6000 L 45 R 50
8000 L 50 R 50

Is this correct? Should I also include the information from the Binaural/Dichotic chart on the bottom of the page?

Not a dumb inquiry at all. Very many people show up here knowing less about audiograms than you do. I would recommend doing a little Google research and learning more about audiograms. You will be dealing with them quite a bit from here on out. It’s good to know what all of those numbers mean for you.

The picture is a little hard to see, but it looks like you got your numbers pretty close. I think most people use the air conduction numbers, unless your bone conduction is greatly different, then you would want to note that.

A lot of people also include their SRT (speech reception threshold) and WRS (word recognition score) numbers.

All of this simply helps the discussions, when we can get a sense of where you hearing is. You’ll see a lot of people commenting “your scores look a lot like mine, and my experience has been…” or “with your numbers, you need the __________ feature on your hearing aid.”

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re: “A lot of people also include their SRT (speech reception threshold) and WRS (word recognition score) numbers. Now you need to go into your settings, and make this your signature.”

Thanks - I appreciate your help on this. I have an additional question regarding the interpretation of my chart, before I set up my signature.

I can pick off my speech reception threshold easily from the chart, but I don’t know what to make of the word recognition score. There is a WRS1 number in DB and percentage (55 and 72 in the case of my right ear) and a WRS2 number (right is 70 and 64). What’s the difference between the two and which should I use in my tagline? And, more importantly, what do the numbers mean? Can I assume that the first number was the sound setting the tester used in the speech recognition test, and the second number was the percentage of words that I responded to correctly?

I do like your suggestion of spending some time exploring the wealth of information that must be available on the internet to learn more about audiograms. I plan on doing that - good resolution for the first week of the new year.

Finally, I’m using Resound Futures. I acquired them from COSTCO in January 2012. They have worked pretty well for me - seem to help in most sound environments and have been very reliable so far. But now that they are 4 years old I’m thinking it would be a good idea to explore options for my next pair of aids. I saw some discussion of the Trax42s that caught my eye. Can you offer any thoughts about going in this direction? Any advice would be welcomed.

Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR.


The SRT (Speech Recognition Threshold) is the volume you need to recognize more than half of the words on the list they read to you.

Then they increase the volume to make sure you can hear well, and read another list of words. That produces your Word Recognition Score (WRS). The score is the percentage of the words you get right. I think you’re right that the first number they give in the WRS section is the loudness (in decibels) they used. I use the WRS % in my tagline.

There’s a good link on reading your audiogram here:

My opinion is that interpreting SRT and WRS values is probably an art as much as a science. Your SRTs are really quite good - 25 and 35 dB. Most speech is between 45 and 60 dB. But your WRS shows that you need a volume well above your threshold to understand speech. That makes sense to me, since you’re missing a lot in the higher frequencies, where the consonant sounds are. In one of my audiograms the audiologist tested my worse ear twice at two different volumes to get a better idea of my Word Recognition skills.

Well said!

In this part of the World we put less emphasis on these tests due to the huge variations that are possible in both the implementation and scoring. In reality their only practical application is demonstrating the before and after fitting understanding of words. Once you change the test environment, tester, word list, mental sharpness of the individual, pre-exposure to noise etc. Etc. the lack repeatability of the result renders it largely meaningless.

There is an argument that it illustrates whether amplification will help your hearing. Personally I think that’s very loose, as your hearing aid doesn’t doesn’t amplify like the audiometer with a calibrated reference quality audio driver…

I can perhaps help illustrate this point. A few years ago I had two audiograms a few weeks apart. One by a hearing aid technician resulted in a word recognition scores of 76 and 72 percent (l/r). The other was a more exhaustive test by a audiologist at the local medial college and resulted in 96 and 92 percent. Both tests were conducted by women but in the second test she seemed particularly careful to annunciate the words.

The audiograms from the two tests were almost identical.

Does anyone have any advice for me regarding my question about new aids? I have been thinking about the Trax42s. Does this seem like a reasonable direction for me to consider?


Tom, there isn’t a best direction. What one finds best another might find worse. Seeing you are going to Costco, you can walk around the store with any or all brands. If you’ve a friend with you, talk by the snack area where it can be noisy. Chat with those doing demos to get a variety of voices. You may find one more understandable or not. Only you can find your best product.

ThomF, there’s a very long ongoing thread on the Trax42 here

I hope that will help you.