Interesting way to wear a Hearing Aid

After we watch the local news my DW likes to watch Entertainment Tonight (yuck), so they interviewed Quincy Jones at the Grammy’s. I glanced up to watch and I was like “what is that on top of his ear?” and the DW tells me it looked it was part of his glasses. I hit the rewind button then paused it when he turned his head, and there was the top half of a small glossy “piano black” BTE hearing aid sitting above his ear. I have never seen anyone wear an aid so high, except for….me. You see, last week I purchased a pair of Audeo Yes HA on eBay that had been fitted for a youngster who refused to wear them. After they arrived I could see the receiver wires were size 0 (shortest size). I programmed them, and then went to the mirror to put them on and to my surprise I was able to get them on. The only thing was the very front of the aids rested on the top of my ears which made the top half of the aids visible from my front and side exactly as I had seen on Quincy Jones. I’ve been wearing the aids this way as I don’t really care if they’re visible, but now that I’ve seen someone who was obviously fitted this way I’m wondering if any of the Pros here have ever fit an aid this way and what is the benefit?

There is now such a thing as an “on the ear” model. Most manufacturers don’t really distinguish between a micro BTE and an OTE because they are virtually identical, but new shapes are designed to be worn higher and higher so some have gone on to brand them as OTE. Apparently the Starkey Aspect is designated OTE. Aids are designed in all manner of ways these days to try to make them interesting, different and invisible. There’s one you can tuck into the fold of your ear, which sounds as comfortable as wearing it under your eyelid, but each to their own.