Inteo-- Internal Feedback?

Hi all, Brand new here!

I have two Inteo hearing aids, one for each ear. I recently got one (~4 years old) refurbished as the case cracked (whoops). It works beautifully now.

My second Inteo, is not quite as old. Being short on cash, I do not want to send it out to get refurbished while it works and no damage.

Only thing is… it has some sort of internal feedback… I can’t quite explain it… it’s not a normal feedback where it squeals for all to hear, but I hear it internally… kinda sounds more like a balloon being rubbed and it happens quite frequently. it goes away if I lower the volume, but then I can’t hear too well!

My audiologist reset it via the computer, and gave it a good puff of air to clean it out a bit… and it still feedbacks.

I was wondering if anyone has experience with this, and have any suggestions how I may fix/trouble shoot it myself?

Could be a leaking receiver suspension tube causing the problem. You should get it serviced.

thanks Bongo. My audiologist is trying to get approval from my insurance company for some hearing aids. if they approve and I pay nothing, I will just get the new pair. otherwise, I’ll scrape up the money to get it serviced