Insurance Coverage Questions


I have had 4 surgeries on my right ear to remove cholesteatoma, the most recent this past summer. Last week I went to my doctor and said my ear was looking very good and that we could start discussing the BAHA implant surgery.

I have United Health Care insurance. What I would like to know is has anybody delt with them for this proceedure and if so what steps did you and your doctor take to get them to approve coverage. Also if you have any copies of letter that you or you doctor sent to United Health Care in order to obtain coverage would be greatly appreciated.

I never imagined the possibility of hearing again. I was so excited when my
doctor told me about the BAHA implant and the prospects of being able hear out of my right ear again. An to hear everything my kids tell me. Thank you in advance for all your help



I would think asking United Healthcare would be the best way to go.



The coverage for BAHA should be very good and the manufacturer (Cochlear Corp) has a whole department to help doctors with reimbursement from the health insurance carriers. United Healthcare, I am sure, does thousands of claims for BAHA and more commonly for cochlear implants, the latter which costs a lot more than BAHA.

Thus, your out of pocket costs should be minimal, if any at all. Of course, you should research and work with your Dr’s office to determine the full coverage.

BAHA can work very well in cases of conductive hearing loss, such as with Cholesteatomas and other conductive issues, which is a less common type of hearing loss for most of our forum users who have sensorineural hearing loss.