Install Telecoil or Not in your hearing aids?

I love telecoil…there are so many uses that people are unaware about. Telecoil is a setting in your hearing aid, across most models & brands. (Your audiologist needs to activate it.)

For example, I purchased a neck loop from Amazon (ClearSounds CLA7v2) for $60 and an audio cord. I plug it in to my TV and hear TV with the hearing aid set to manual Telecoil setting. When I fly I bring it and plug it in to the airline sound system and hear the movie without background noise! It cancels that airline backgroun humming noise. Wonderful. I use it like noise cancelling earphones–on any device that has a headphone jack…computer, audio books. Better sound than fancy earphones!

Of course auditoriums and chuches that have a loop and you can have direct sound, blocking out background noise. Even if the venue has only Assistive Listening Devices (not looped) you can use your neck loop to plug it into the jack on the FM Radio receiver–must better sound than using their ear buds or earphones!

There is a difference with automatic telecoil & manual telecoil.
–The automatic turns on when it senses the loop–neck loop, building loop, counter top loop, etc BUT it does not eliminate background noise: it mixes the sound coming from your hearing aid with the telecoil sound! You cannot turn it off.
–The manual telecoil setting (button on your hearing aid) can be PURE telecoil sound with NO hearing aid sound. This means you get NO background noise when listening to the direct sound source–which could be a microphone, a computer, a TV etc.
I choose the “manual” option and ask for 2 settings in my hearing aid:

  1. Pure Telecoil (so it eliminates background noise)
  2. Telecoil + Hearing Aid (when I want to talk to the person next to me at a movie)
    So consider this when you choose whether you ask for automatic or manual telecoil!
    Carolyn Odio

Fantastic information.

es…you are getting a “pair of noise cancelling earphones” for a cheap price! And not only that…additionally it can be used for the church/auditorium venues!

Good luck!

Will that article work with my HA? I think they do not have telecoil are signia motion 13p nx and the battery door is standard

My article refers to “generic telecoil” which is a setting in your hearing aid. This article does not refer to any proprietary hearing device that is made by any specific manufacturer hearing aid. Their technology is a mystery to me. I have no idea about how any brand of “streamers” work.

Wow carolyn1!

I chose not to get a Telecoil because I did not know that I could purchase a neck loop and a cord. I listen to NPR and PRI with headphones plugged into an Mp3 device. I will try to exchange my KS9s to get them with the Telecoil. Also thanks for the explanation about automatic or manual.

Thank you.