Inspire 2013.3 vs. Inspire 2010.2

I bought a pair of used Starkey WI 70 and found on eBay the Programm Inspire 2010.2
This Programm does not fit the Starkey HA´s
It only fits the AudioSync models.
And also the prog does not update to 2013.3

Does anyone have the Inspire 2013.3 for Starkey??
I have a Hi-PRO (serial) and the cables, but I can´t fit.

Please help me.

Please give me a PM

I also can swap with Oasis 15, Target 3.0, Connex 6 and 7 for Siemens and AudioService, Expressfit

Sorry for my bad english (I´m German)

Hello Krawutti:
Do you still have the Starkey Inspire 2010.2? It is perfect for my older Starkey’s aids from 2008 which I still use.