Insitugram question

wondering if during the connexx insitugram, is the gain to the HA automatically turned off and we are listening for tones with an unaided ear or is the HA in the mode it was fitted?

In Oticon Genie your gain is shut off. Seems to me that is the only way it could work otherwise every frequency would be near normal hearing 20 dB instead of each frequency being nearby to your normal loss (your audiogram) in that frequency.

Same is true in Connexx…

so why would this not be a good ac audiogram?

Everything the audiologist uses in testing is calibrated to much closer specifications and has built in equipment for calibration. They then use Real Ear Measurements to calibrate the aid used meets those more sophisticated standards. The size/engineering of the aid is based on the power and size available. The audiology booth isn’t limited by size or power of the equipment.