Initial review phonak audeo b cros

Picked them up yesterday. Hearing aid in left ear, cros in right. Got the rechargable ones. So far that part works. The compilot air wasnt working correctly. The sound was choppy, sort of like when video buffers. I’m using the compilot ll. My old ones were 9 yr old digitals. First the sound quality is way better. My old ones i wouldnt hear the keyboard clicks. I do know…thats not really a plus! The cros works better that i had hoped. What i dont like…using the bluetooth with smart phone. I guess b/c the mic is at my chest, my voice is way too loud in the aid. Was disappointed that even though the tv link comes with optic, coaxial digital cables i had to use the analog rca supplid ones. Tried optic cable to smart tv and coaxial to desk top cable box… No go. The cables for the charger, the tv link are way too short. It will take some time to hear things sounding different that they have for 9 yrs. ill give it a week and go back fot fine tuning part 1

About your voice being too loud. Is that when on a call? Your voice should not feed through from the compilot when on a call. If your voice is too loud all the time it might be occlusion (having nothing to do with the compilot).

I have a new set of Phonak Audeo B Cros aids too. But when my audi tried to order a TV Streamer for me, TrueHearing would not accept the order. They said that the CROS aids use their Bluetooth connection to communicate with each other. Truehearing said CROS aids cannot use any of the Phonak Bluetooth accessories.

Phonak CROS B is compatible with the ComPilot II and TVLink II. When streaming, the signal is only heard in the better ear; the CROS side is not active.

Thanks Rasmus. That makes sense. I have been able to hear the TV well enough to not need a TV Streamer. Would my Iphone pair up the the Phonak aid using it’s Bluetooth (instead of it’s MFI?) I’ll give that shot.

There’s no Bluetooth technology in Phonak hearing aids that are CROS compatible, so you wouldn’t be able to pair your iPhone directly. You have to use the ComPilot as a bridge device between the aids and the phone.