Inexpensive HA fr eBay?

I am looking for ha from eBay or someplace for up to $200 because I can’t afford more. I have an old SeboTech 720 that is in need of replacement. One has broken altogether and the working one is falling apart. eBay has a couple siemens… Lotus? and Touching?
Anyone use either? my loss is severe. both say digital.???

Lotus and Touching are very very basic aids. If you have a severe loss, I personally would go for a better aid. There are places that can help you get HAs if you can’t afford them. If you tell us where you live then it would be a lot easier, eg USA.

I have a profound loss and I’m would never be able to cope with a very very basic aid like that.

I recently purchased a pair of Siemens Touching digital BTE aids from for under $200, and I am extremely happy with them. I have a moderate to severe loss in both ears, and I find that the Touching aids sound better than my $3000 pair of custom Phonak Xtra digital aids. The Touchings are excellent basic aids that can serve well as either primary or backup aids. I wear mine continuously for about 14 hours a day, and find them very comfortable with the supplied eardomes. If you already have custom earmolds, you can use them instead, if you prefer. The Touching uses a size 13 battery which lasts about 4 weeks. It has a single frequency response trimmer screw hidden under a pop-open door on top of the aid that can be adjusted with the supplied small screwdriver. Don’t let their low price or so-called “experts” on this forum discourage you from considering them. They lack the fancy bells and whistles of their more expensive counterparts, but their simple, basic design makes them reliable and robust. Gerald

Cheers for that. None taken.

It’s horses for courses - if you want a $200 aid that you fit yourself, you can get something to do the job on-line. If you want to be tested, have any medical complications pointed out, an aid supplied with a service back-up, a locally enforceable warranty and it properly adjusted for your hearing loss - it costs you more.

Entirely your choice as the consumer.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation fits current technology aids for a very low cost, to those who qualify (income test).

Really can’t see how you can be hearing well with a basic aid that you programmed yourself.

Shocked that you are getting 4 weeks with a size 13 battery and a severe loss. My friend uses a 13 battery and he has a severe loss. He gets a week out of his and he doesn’t use any accessories that would run the batteries down.

Don’t use the word inexpensive, call it a cheap hearing aid. You get what you pay for, nothing more. If cost is really an issue, contact the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

cosmo likes horses, not automobiles. pay him no heed.

Siemens touching is very good for some. Post your graph.


for my big find.

it seems that HALF of aids from professionals are MISFIT. based on limited data.

so EXPENSIVE may yield a 50% chance of success. very troubling.

see 2009 report from consumer reports on aids.