Individual ear-tip

Dear friends! I’m from Russia,the problem
Help please find information on making an individual ear-tip, where you can order web address contacts in Europe? :frowning:
For the receiver 100 miniFit (Alta 2 pro minirite Ti)

I don’t know about Europe, but if you need a replacement they can sometimes be found on Ebay or Amazon.

not sure what you’re asking.

you want to have a custom ear mold, or a custom size receiver wire? Both could be made by oticon. don’t you have a oticon support in russia?

if you’re asking for domes , I would try oticon russia, too,


Representation Office
of Oticon A/S

3rd Frunzenskaya Street, 9,.
119270 Moscow

Tel.: +7 495 926 68 32

yes custom ear mold,
Russia Oticon Proposes ear mold -400$
It’s a very high price

What prices do you have?
Where you can turn, offers a kit that you use and send back in to have made. They run around $50 each. They are available in either hard or soft. But that’s for BTE and not RIC.

I paid 150€ for each side, so 300€ for both. they also remade one side as it was not to my liking. You get quality and warranty for molds made by oticon and can rely that they are properly working. Is the price really that high for you? Not sure if it’s worth trying to save money and maybe risk getting a lower quality product…

not sure if the shipping to the US back and forth will save him anything, and that would take way too long…