Ind a competant audiologist

Hello to all,

Forgive me if this question has been answered before, but my initial search did not reveal an answer. I am a first time poster here.

I am trying to find a competant audiologist to fit my wife’s new Phonak Savia. This hearing aid replaces her Claro, and like the Claro I don’t I believe it has been optimally fitted.

Both times we tried to ascertain the audiologist’s experience with fitting these hearing aids, and both times we believed we made a reasonable choice.

However, we becoming frustrated with our results so far.

This is not to say that her audiologist is neccesarily incompetent, only perhaps inexperienced with this device. But the result is the same - a less than optimum, even marginal fitting.

At any rate, we are seeking someone with proven experience in fitting the Savia. Some one with factory training if there is such a thing. We are so frustrated that we would travel anywhere in the US and stay for a week to achieve the initial fitting.

Does anyone have any advice on this ? Any specific recommendations ?
Any help would very greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much