Increased tinnitus after stapedectomy

Hi everyone

I had a stapedectomy on Thursday (01/12/11) and all went well. After the surgeon folded the drum back my hearing seemed a lot better. The canal was packed shortly after which of course reduced my hearing s you’d expect. I was discharged the same day and went home.

The next day my system was in turmoil due to all the drugs pumped into me and I had constipation. I tried not to strain whilst on the toilet but it was unavoidable. Since then I’ve had really bad ringing tinnitus in my ear. Other symptoms are negligible but the tinnitus is awful.

Could I have caused any damage whilst straining on the toilet? (funny I know, jokes welcome) I know that tinnitus is a post procedure symptom in some cases, should I be worried?

Thanks in advance

There’s all kind of trauma to the middle / inner ear for this procedure which will cause all kinds of kooky noises to come and go. A permenant increase in tinnitus is pretty rare, so just try to relax.

I had terrible tinnitus after my stapendectomy around 20 years ago. After a few weeks it diminished considerably but I have had some mild tinnitus ever since. Hopefully yours will go away completely so be patient, it may take some time. My sense of taste was also affected due to a nerve running through the middle ear that gets banged around during the surgery. It took almost a year for my taste to get back to normal. This was much more irritating than the tinnitus.

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