In the search of a solution - Hearing while ATV'ing


Here is my current setup

Sena SMH5 Communicator
• Phonak Sky V50 Hearing Aid + Compilot 2
• An helmet and a ATV - Four Wheeler

I added a wire to the sena speaker and linked this thru a connector to the compilot.

Using this setup I can have the sena soud coming directly into my hearing aid, and my voice is captured by the boom mic of the sena.

This way, I can easily speak with my wife while riding atv. Without this setup, I can barely hear her because sound output in the sena speaker is not loud enough for me to correctly understand her.

This current setup is highly functionnal. I wear it summer/winter time under my coat, and even with glove, I can raise/lower the volume to my taste.

Now, my ?

I plan to upgrade to Phonak Naida Paradise somewhere in the future. Yes I want to benefit from new technology, but at the same time, I want to at least keep what I currently have in term of usability.

How do I reproduce such a setup without a compilot ?

Thanks for your input.

La solution!

While a walk in the snow is real nice. It doesn’t really cover my subject here…
At least, I don’t see myself going on a 1,500 km ride using only those snowshoes :wink:

You may like to try pairing Phonak Paradise with a Bluetooth audio transmitter with external audio input interface. For example: Alead Nolan LiveMIC2. Sorry I don’t remember the result last time I tested it. Please do test yourself before buying.

When I am riding my Vespa Scooter I just mute my hearing aids. I do not want to hear the engine or the wind while riding, and I would not accept a phone call while riding anyway. And could care less about listening to music while enjoying the beautiful scenery or the Natural Forest.

This is one of the very nice things about the Phonak Marvel and Paradise aids. You can talk on the phone while riding bikes, atv’s, tractor, etc. both hands still on the handle bars or steering wheel.
I really miss that technology since getting CI’s.

It isn’t that when I am riding I don’t want anything that distracts me. One distraction and you could be killed. Where I ride cars are the least of my worries, deer, turkeys and sometimes bear coming out of the woods and brush is the biggest problem. I have the watch all around me all the time

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Yeah, I understand security is very important. In my case, I chat with my wife while riding on our four wheeler. We both have one and enjoy it. And most of the time, we ride at 30kmh max. And where we ride, we don’t encounter traffics of any kind. Except for the occasional bird and insect.

I just want to still be able to direct stream my sena communicator to my hearing aid and be able to adjust the volume as needed. With the current compilot I am just fine and enjoying it.

But there is no more compilot with the new naida paradise. Hence this feels like a feature downgrade to me …

It is something like that I am searching for. This broaden my search. Thanks.

The remote mic might be something that would help you and your talk while riding.

Many Phonak Roger microphones can also take 3.5mm audio input, such as: Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger Pen, Roger Pen iN, Roger EasyPen, Roger Select, Roger Select iN, Roger Clip-On Mic, and Roger On.

Phonak Paradise hearing aids pair with Phonak Roger microphones via RogerDirect function. You get better (shorter) latency and compatibility but they are much expensive.

Thanks jedilin,

This is the missing link. I was unaware of the 3.5mm input for Roger mics… Pricey, but at last I now have a solution.