Improving streaming music quality on Opn?


Hi all.
So I just had my HAs fitted this week - Opn 3’s. I have to say they’re an incredible piece of technology and the improvement for my day-to-day hearing is incredible.

I’ve been playing with the music streaming, though, as I used to listen to music on my commute every day.

The quality isn’t bad at all. Quality when doing voice calls (phone, Skype) seems to be spot-on.
However, streaming music seems to be rather choppy and cuts out a lot. I also notice that my HAs disconnect from my phone on a regular basis, even though my phone is pretty much permanently in my front trouser pocket.

So I have a few questions:

  • Is this ‘normal’? I understand BT LE doesn’t have a lot of range, but the couple of feet from a pocket to my ears seems not too far. Should it cut out so much?

  • Would a newer phone help? I use an iPhone SE, primarily due to the size but I’d go back to an X or 8 if the BT streaming would improve.

  • Would the ConnectClip help? If it improves streaming quality, then I’d happily get one and just use it on my commute or during meetings.

(Opns are on 5.0 firmware, and my iPhone is updated but I tend to avoid the public betas like 12 until they get released).

Any advice welcome!


ConnectClip does NOT help, IMO. I got one to use with my office phone. It’s all but unusable. It’s easier and much better quality to just use the app we have to forward calls to my iPhone/dial out from the work system. I’m returning it.

I haven’t had any issues with streaming from the iPhone (at least until I got the connect clip, if it and the iPhone are both connected by Bluetooth it causes all kinds of conflicts/disconnections). I have noticed that if I’m stationary streaming works well even if I walk away, like at work to the printer, up to 20 or 30 feet! But when walking, sometimes there are connection issues with the phone in my front pants pocket that are solved if I keep it in a shirt pocket or just just hand carry it. It’s like the “Bluetooth bubble” trails you when walking.


I think it depends on the level of interference you get from your surrounding environments. Some folks seem to have choppy issues while others don’t.

It also seems to me that connectivity with the TV Adapter is much more reliable. So I don’t think it’s an issue from the OPN hardware per se. It seems more like an issue with software connectivity with the iPhone.

Newer firmware seems to help also. Firmware 6 is coming out in a couple of months. Maybe that’ll help as well.


I have OPN 1. I even had the Resound Linx 3D, which I used with the phone clip. In the current I do not use connect clip. When I used Resound, streaming was good when I used it with iPhone 7 Plus. It was not perfect, but it was good. Then I sold the iPhone and bought a Galaxy S8, so I needed the Clip to continue with the streaming. I found the quality horrible, so much that I returned. Finally, for other reasons, I ended up returning the Resound Linx 3D after 9 months + - and I got the OPN. I also switched smartphone, getting an iPhone 5S just for streaming is an Android (OnePlus 5T) that I use as my main phone. I can say that the iPhone 5S music streaming with OPN is amazing (my opinion, of course). I was surprised by the serious, average and general sound quality. Of course all this with the phone stopped. If you have to walk, with the smartphone in your pocket there loses a lot of quality, but that is already a feature of the bluetooth and not the device, because these flaws also happen with my bluetooth headsets if I have walking with the smartphone in my pocket. So I think the clip will not help you. But I can not say that precisely by relying solely on the experience with Resound’s clips, but I think you should not stray too far from it, because the clip will be one more way to go between the audio source and your handsets, which already face fatally drops the quality. Now, I find it strange that you are not having a good audio experience with the direct streaming between your iPhone SE and the devices … as an initial investigation I would start to check the source of your audios, to see if they are of good quality . Overall, I get excellent qualities using streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer …


BT signals have trouble going through water (i.e. your body), so having the phone in a pocket can, in many cases, be enough to cause signal degradation (or loss). That’s why a shirt pocket will usually work better.


So an update: had my first adjustment on Monday, which turned out to be a bad move as a replaced receiver (with a longer wire) seemed to seriously reduce volume in my right ear.

So I got another quick appointment with my audi today, reverted to the shorter-wired receiver…AND I got him to let me play with Genie 2. So I bumped the ‘streaming’ volume up on both ears and got them ‘balanced’ for me…and I found on my commute home the streaming seemed much better.
Granted, there’s occasional chop and cut-outs, but that’s definitely the proximity of my phone to my ears - but when the streaming works, it’s surprisingly incredible quality! Starting to not miss my AirPods so much anymore now!


Did you get to play with the settings at End Fitting?


The hearingaid bluetooth may interfere with wifi on 2.4 Mhz.
Shut off the Wifi or if you need it use 5 Mhz for the Wifi