Improving listening at movies & concerts?

I’ve recently started wearing open fit hearing aids for high-frequency hearing loss. I’m wondering what suggestions people have for hearing as well as possible in small movie theaters, at chamber music concerts, etc.-- such as where to sit, using an assistive listening device or anything else that would enhance the experience.

Hi Raquelita,:slight_smile:
I started wearing HA’s last August, I also have a high frequency loss; I also started off using the open ear fitting. I need GOOD speech in noise hearing ability, as I am a teacher; the classrooms can be difficult to hear in. To cut a long story short, I now wear full ear molds with only a pressure vent opening. The reason is that this gives me a much clearer hearing ability of speech in noise, all the open ear fitting hype notwithstanding. I would never go back to open ear fitting. I hope this helps you.