Improvements since ReSound Metrix

Hello all. I am 47 years old and have pretty significant nerve deafness w/ tinnitus (that’s a layman’s description). Apparently I have had it most of my adult life.

About 4 years ago I got my first pair of hearing aids-the ReSound Metrix BTEs. They have made a huge difference, but I still have significant trouble with noisy environments and children’s voices (and soft female voices). I was talking with my audiologist recently and she said that ReSound (and all hearing aid manufacturers, I guess) had made some pretty significant advances in the lest several years, and the latest high end ReSound models had significantly better sound quality.

This may be an obvious (and subjective) question, but is this accurate? How much improvement should I expect in hearing aids over a 3-4 year period? If I can afford it, am I right in looking at a new pair shortly? The audiologist said new models come out in the spring, so to wait until Spring 2011.

Of course I keep dreaming for a stem cell option, but I’m not holding my breath.

I’m just not sure where to start with all this, so any input is welcomed.

You asked about improvements in sound quality and I feel there definitely have been, but there’s another area I would focus on if I were you.

One of the most significant advances in the last few years would be the wireless connectivity options now available from most manufacturers. They can make a huge improvement when it comes to using the phone or television (or often any other audio input). With the phone you can now hear the caller (properly amplified) in both ears, while talking back through a streaming device or clip attached to your shirt or neck. Even if you already do well on the phone, these new accessories allow you to talk hands-free without having to worry about holding a receiver up to your ear or standing near a speakerphone.

Yes. htere have been significant advancements - both in quality of hearing and the blue tooth / communications aspect. I would try a few different models if I were you. Post your audiogram here and I’m sure a few will chime in to tell you their experiences with a loss that’s similar.

Good luck…

Thanks for the input. I was hoping for these responses. The wireless/bluetooth aspect is exciting, but I really want better sound quality.

I don’t have my audiogram, but will get it and post it.

I’ve been wearing ReSound products for a few years now, and started with the Pulse when it was pretty aged as far as tech goes. It was still an improvement over the Widex aids I was wearing, and the ReSound Live 9’s, are an improvement over the Pulse. The Alera looks like it really has potential, both in improved sound quality and bluetooth implementation.

Take a look at the Alera thread for some more insight.

Personally after the debacle over the Be, I’d vowed never to touch their product again - but I quite like the Alera concept.

Fickle, I know.