Impression for mold


I started with a new audiologist a few weeks ago, who was recommended by a friend. My hearing aid (only wearing one because right ear HA seemed to bring in too much background noise) was purchased in 2010 and time to upgrade. The audiologist recommended Phonak B-Cros BR and said I would need a mold in left ear. I have been using a RIC with a dome which has worked great but she said I needed a stronger RIC and would need the mold. I’ve had impressions done before and never had any pain while it was being done. Pain the other day was severe while she was putting the gel in my ear, while I waited for it to harden and then it really hurt when she removed it! My ear canal, two days later now, still feels strange. She told me it hurt because my ear had a curve in it and she had to be sure the impression was deep enough. Is it normal to experience pain from this? As I mentioned, in the past I never had any pain when a different audiologist has taken impressions.


I’ve had them with pain and without. I assume it has to do with whether they get against the eardrum.


I have moulds made on several occasions and I’ve never experienced pain when the impressions were been taken.


I had molds done a month ago. NO pain.
Must of went too deep. Pressing against ear drum.