Important Apple Security Update For iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch Users

Since HA users often use iOS devices to support their HA’s with smartphone and iPad apps, it’s worth noting that there is a zero-click security flaw discovered in iOS and related Apple OS’s. It gives the perpetrator complete control over your Apple device without you doing anything. You don’t have to be lured into clicking on a phony link, opening a malicious attachment, etc. It gives the perpetrator more complete control of your device than you have yourself. Apple has been working night and day since the flaw was revealed to it last Tuesday and has issued what they term “An important security update” for all its devices. If you check for software updates, you should find iOS 14.8, MacOS 11.6, WatchOS 7.6.2. Presumably, most of the world is not of sufficient interest to have been exploited by anyone in possession of the exploit, which is now known to have existed since at least March of this year.

Apple Security Update Closes Spyware Flaw in iPhones, Macs and iWatches - The New York Times (


Updated yesterday. Didn’t take long

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We got the update yesterday also.
No issues from the update.

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Many thanks for the “heads-up”, gents!

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