I'm selling my Rexton Bridge 12's

I hope this is kosher with this board…

I’m selling my about 1 1/2 years old Rexton BTE Bridge 12 HP aids, along with the Blu RCU remote unit and the Siemens / Rexton Wireless programmer. Frankly, I am not sure of the prices I set, I just guessed. If someone here wants them as a package, I will be glad to drop the price a bit. Contact me via email for more information.

Apologies if I broke a rule or something…

A lot of forums have a section for FOR SALE items. Norally there is a required post count and the requirement of a pic with the date on it to prove that you infact have what you are advertising. They are all different though.

Also, this is a little different as it’s actually being sold on ebay and you just point it out here.

Good Luck.

Thanks for the reassurance. I hope the prices I set are fair, and I hope someone here buys them, and the remote and interface. If someone does, I will try to help them through set up and to pass along a few tips about the aids. While I did have trouble with distortion at very loud (95db+) input sound levels, the aids are very good for the majority of people with hearing loss.

Relisting… If a member from this board responds to the ads via ebay, please let me know in your email. If you are, I will be glad to answer your questions as best I can.

On the Software - I need to make this plain - it is illegal to sell the software. However, as a courtesy, ONLY, and simply to save a purchaser the time and trouble of downloading it, I can supply a free copy of the 6.x SW. I do not guarantee the SW will work with your particular aid - you must find out that for yourself. To repeat, I am selling the Connexxlink, and supplying free SW, but I can not provide support for the Software.

There are two versions of the Connexx SW, one for Rexton and one for Siemens. The SW is the same, per rev., with the exception of the hearing aid data files. I am told that it is possible to manually drop the data bank from one to the other, but don’t take this as truth, because I have not tried it.