Im new to hearing aids HELP! :)

Hi i lost signifigant hearing in the last 4 years in my right ear and find out that i have otosclerosis (sp?) in the right ear. im now down to just under -60 db’s (if i understood my audiologits and ENT correctly. and i was given the options for a Standard premium Behind the ear heaing aid with a flouride supplement to try halting the otosclerosis degredation. Or a Bone Anchored hearing aid attaced to my skull. Or a stapedectomy replacinge the stape bone in my ear.

Ill be honest ill try the non surgical option first.

So speaking with my audiologist of my neads i was suggested the Phonak savia art behind the ear or the oticon Epoq (we had talked about some of the lower end ones but these are the only one they carried for my heft requiremnts) and she also told me that wether i get a hearing aid from them or not. they suggested thay i either get it all done by an Audiologist at a hearing clinic. or a hearing center at a univercty medical center. as neither of those make a buisness off of selling products. she said there are alot of Good hearing aid specialists but they are hard to find because alot of hearing aid stores prime motivation is selling hearing aids. (i dont know if its fact or her optinion) but she did say that Even those are better than purchasing online… because i COULD get the best hearing aid ever made online for a great price but if its not fitted right or adjusted as needed and if i wasnt taught how to maintain the device it would be a paper wight and not a good one at that.

So was she selling me a line of bull And what are your opinions on the phonak Sacia art and the the oticon Epoq behind the ears?

Thank you for your time and aid. :slight_smile:

my 2 cents. since my ins paid 80% of the aid i got a choice on which ones to try, i tried the savia, its good but it sure wore my ear out it was such a relief to take it off at night. the next one i tried was a crt type ha, it did’nt sound good to me at all. then i did a lot of reading, asked questions and called local audies and was told to try the pixel, i was told that it worked great with conduction loss.
so i had one ordered for trial. wore it 2 weeks and never took it back. only had to have one adjustment to it. it is as natural as i think it can get and i hear everything with it.
also it’s a mid range and not the top of the line but it does the job and that’s what counts! and the battery last 17-20 days! ed h

Great Instruments, both of them however, The Epoq is superior… I would compare the Exelia to the Epoq… PErhaps a Syncro to a Savia art…

I would strongly suggest to seek professional help, an Audi or a HIS…

What is the exelia? in the phonak site all i really see is a sale pitch and a fancy artisitc vido that says nothing at all.

What is it about the Exelia that is better than the savia art?

i cant use any of the in the ear aids because of a skin condition so it has to be a good behind the ear or behind the ear micro.

Also the audiologist was honest with me that While she could order Phonaks, oticon, Unitron and Siemens and that they were all Good manufacturers and i was free to test out any of them for free for 48 days before purchasing anything. she was able to get the Phonaks at a more reasonable price

Ill be honests price is not an option for me but i dont want to pay 6grand to say i have the newest flashiest thing out theire if i can get the same thing that she quoted me does for 2 grand . (she quoted me $2000 for the elevia, $2,800 for the savia art and the oticon Epoq for $3,200 ill be honest bluetooth isnt a big selling point for me as i dont use any bluetooth devices and in 5 years if i end up doing so ill get a bluetooth compatible aid then.

i heard from other people that Phonaks are a Good product… so what is it about the that the exelia that does better than the savia art or the Eleva? and why does the oticon Epoq do better than the Phonaks (other than the blue tooth? )

If you are not interested in the bluetooth options, I would think about Savias. They are excellent hearing aids with plenty of adjustable parameters. The Exelia is Phonak’s latest product. It is bluetooth compatible, like the Epoch, with a fairly sophistication noise reduction algorithm and good feedback control as well. However, to me, the biggest advantage is the wireless stuff. If you are not really interested in that, I’d try to save a few dollars.

In my opinion, BTEs are definitely the way to go with your hearing loss. I might consider the surgical option. I would not consider the BAHA at all.

Free trial periods are great. Try them in the real world and see the improvements!

Good luck.

Thanks for the advice Docg! yeah the bluetooth isnt a selling point for me.

As for the surgery … to me its not very high on my list unless i HAVE to (that mean no other choice whatsoever for improved hearing) its not that i dont think it will work, i know from reding everywhere that it works great

I know that with me Surgery doesnt go well … as a Teenager i didnt come out of the enesthesia after a hernia operation … and with knee recontructive surgery I had some complications with the Anesthesia as well as blood clotting in my leg. and with my spinal injury 15 years ago The surgery failed to produce results and now 4 lower vertibrea have fuzed together From degenerative arthritis.

Dont get me wrong none of those were the fault of the surgeons or anethesiologists. My body just doesnt seem to handle surgery very well.

Im still open to a stapedectomy … but only as a last resort :slight_smile:

I’m not going to comment on the specific options she offered. Other than to say that as a specialist, I prefer Oticon to Phonak.

She is right in that buying online is often a false economy.

But I disagree with her assessment of hearing aid specialists. It would be like arguing that you should be suspicious of doctors because they are basically drug dealers looking to get bribes from the pharmaceutical industry for getting you hooked on drugs. Or it would be like saying that you should not buy computers from Dell, because Dell is in the business of selling computers.

Yes, hearing aid specialists make a living by selling hearing aids. But this does not affect their ethics or professionalism. But as with any profession there are good people and bad people. Competent and incompetent.

For her to imply that the other places you can buy hearing aids, are not looking to sell hearing aids is just naivety at best. If they didn’t sell hearing aids, they would lose money. If they keep losing money, they will end up closing the department down.

Let’s not pretend that there is any part of the American health care system that is in it purely for the feel good factor of making people better. In America it’s all about the dollar. If you don’t believe me, try going to your doctor and telling them you have no money and insurance. See how much free health care they give you.

11 visits in the last 2 years for free … no co pay no insurence nothing… not a single penny.

Now ill admit the medical clinic i go to has 18 physicians and my wife is one of them. but The family of every single physician and nurse practitioner is completly free unless they are required to go have something done out of the system and even then we only pay them. now i realize that this means only ab pool of about 400 people getting purly free healthcare per year but the fact of the mater is that there are SOME who dont do it for the allmighty dollar. if that was the case all 18 physicians in that clinic wouldnt get paid the same exact salaray wether they have been there 2 years or the 40 years that 2 of them have as well as that they would all be anesthesiologist getting 3-4 times thier current salary.

But you are right in another post it could be the audiologist being a snop when talking with me… everyone could be that way regardless of profession thats why i never said it was fact and prefaced it with what the audiologist and ENT said.

ill be honest you just painted all physicians in america with a money making paintbrush that my audiologist did with HIS not being honest.

as you said earlier there are good and bad in any industry lets leave it at that :slight_smile:

I have dozens of patients I see in my office, for whom I could say exactly the same thing. My company offers free visits for life. Free adjustments, cleaning, programming, re-testing, rehabilitation and advice. I’ve got patients who I see who purchased five years ago before I ever worked for this company, who I’ve been seeing regularly despite never making a penny from them personally.

I don’t blame the physicians, it’s just the way the system is in America. There are lots of flaws with the American system, especially if you are one of the 50 million people without proper medical insurance.

All I was saying is that in America, it’s all about money. If a health professional is losing money, this can only go on for so long. So I merely disagree with the assessment you were given about the role of a typical audiologist, versus an HIS.

I would say that you would do fine with any of the above. Talk to your audi about the features and what would work best in your life. I know that with the Unitron Yuu, you have some abilities to adjust the hearing aids as you need to. It is a brand new product and newer than both the Savia Art and Oticon Epoq. It doesn’t have bluetooth abilities, but there are other systems that are out there that will provide that with any hearing aid, so you may not have to pay through the nose for an Epoq. But that is just my opinion. :slight_smile:

a yuu still not as advance as a epoq and not as advance as an exelia

a yuu is more like a bit better savia art…