I'm new, just bought first hearing aid off amazon


I am new to the world of hearing aids. I have always had difficulty hearing high frequency sounds. As a child, an audiologist told me nerves in my ears have never fully developed. I had difficulty hearing higher frequency sounds since birth, and they told me I was “borderline” of needing a hearing aid. Being a young child, I of course opted to live with it as I thought it would be odd someone my age would be wearing a hearing aid.

Well, I am 25 now and realized I am missing out on many important high frequency consonants in words. Without them, it sound like people are mumbling. I decided to finally get a hearing aid, and not care about how they look.

I went for a free hearing aid checkup (Miracle ear) and was told what I already know - I have difficulty hearing high frequency sounds. I don’t have the decibel and frequency numbers for you, but I can tell you the chart was at normal level and flat on the lower half of the frequency range, then a sharp drop mid way and flat but difficulty hearing of the higher frequency range. I’m not sure if that makes sense to any of you. The audiologist recommended I need a 12 or so channel hearing aid at around $6,000. My health insurance does not cover hearing aids, and being fresh out of college at 25, I cannot afford this.

I went on amazon and found the MD hearing aid pro which seemed to have good reviews and was much cheaper ($320 for a pair). I bought the open fit plugs at $40 and just tried them out now. They are much more comfortable than the closed fit which always felt like my ears were clogged. So far so good, even though this is only 2 channel and not tuned to “perfection”. However, I have it set on “high frequency amplification”, and the volume is about a two ticks above the lowest level (1), but not yet showing 2. The amount of times I say “excuse me” or “what” has dropped drastically, so I am happy with this.

Here is my questions:
When I went to the audiologist prior to amazon, I was told if I go without a hearing aid, my hearing could get worse. He explained the hairs/fibers (Cochlea?) for the higher frequencies will ‘die’ if not used, lean on the living/healthy fibers and kill them, and this domino effect continues and my hearing worsens. Is this true? Will the amazon hearing aids be sufficient in preventing further hearing loss by stimulating all the fibers in my ear? Is there anything I can do to take care of my ears and prevent further deterioration?

Any help will be greatly appreciate. Thank you so much and have a good night.



Well for starters you didn’t buy a hearing aid you bought an amplifiyer that looks like a hearing aid. In other words it will increase all sound instead of just in the areas where you actually need it. This could cause you understanding speech in a noisy environment. Prior to visiting Miracle ear you should have had further testing from an ENT. The theory that Miracle ear threw at you is the old lose it if you don’t use it. There is a lot of truth to that but getting aids doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your loss won’t continue to get worse. It depends on what is causing your loss.An amplifiyer could cause futher damage I can’t really say. If you are currently happy with your purchase, great. When the time comes that you can afford real hearing aids you might want to at least look into them. Many places allow you a free trial period.



To set the record straight, the Acoustitone Pro is a true analog hearing aid, not a personal sound amplifier. It was designed to amplify sounds mostly in the higher frequencies where most people experience hearing loss. It was designed by an otolaryngologist, not some schnook in a Chinese sweatshop. I have a pair myself that put my $3000 pair of Phonak digital aids to shame. Of course, they aren’t for everyone, but for some patients with mild to moderate hearing loss, they are a reasonable alternative to overpriced, custom digital aids. The reason that they are so inexpensive is that they use technology that most audiologists would sneeringly dismiss as “obsolete”. Older analog technology is not necessarily inferior. Indeed, besides the obvious cost advantage over digital aids, the Acoustitone Pros have the added advantages of simplicity and extremely long battery life. Gerald



I am in the same position. Are you sure that it will work?



Hi hearing2986,

I am currently doing my year of clinical competence in Audiology and I have already got my Postgrad Diploma in Audiology. I am also a 25 year old hearing aid user myself so I hope I can help you with your queries.

Your cochlear hair cells will not get degenerate if you don’t have hearing aids, I have never come across that! The problem will be that if you don’t get hearing aids then your brain will not be used to hearing the frequencies that those hair cells send up the auditory nerve and it will be harder to rehabilitate (or in your case ‘habilitate’) yourself when you do get hearing aids. If your hearing does degenerate then it will be due to wear and tear, an infection or some underlying genetic problem causing deterioration. Not wearing hearing aids will not cause a hearing loss in itself.

Here are some things you could do to take care of your ears and prevent further deterioration: You need to avoid prolonged exposure to loud noises, if you get an ear infection then go to the doctor’s straight away and NEVER stick anything in your ear. That is about it really. You can get special earplugs to wear at music concerts so you don’t get damaged hearing.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:




I have also heard the argument that if you don’t wear hearing aids your hearing loss will get worse. The audiologist who told me that compared it to muscles getting weaker if a person never exercises, which does happen. I did not like him because he did not want me to wear ITE hearing aids. I hate the BTE style! Needless to say I went elsewhere to get digital programmable ITE hearing aids.



If the likelihood is better than $320/$6000 = 0.05 = 5% then a ‘rational person’ would spend the $320. And if you can resell them you can get by with even lower odds.


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