I'm New Here.....Help Please!

I have a analog aid that I’ve been wearing for 6+ yrs. It’s time for a new one & am interested in the open fit models. Below are my test results please reccommend a open fit aid. My SRT is 25db right & 30db right. Thanks much!

       R       L

500 20 20
1000 35 30
2000 55 50
3000 70 60
4000 75 70
6000 65 70
8000 60 65

Try a search on this forum.

I usually recommend the Sonic Innovations Balance Open Fit or Ion or the Phonak Micro Extra (very limited distribution at this time), Micro Eleva or Micro Savia.

Open fit is certainly worth looking at with that kind of loss. A good hearing specialist should be able to order some in for you to listen to before you actually commit to buying them. You should of course also get a nice trial period with no restock fee, if you go to the right place.

There is a great new aid that came out very recently, it is using a technology that has been around since spring of 2006 and has proven to be outstanding. This is an OTE (open fit) version of the technology.


I don’t remember the name of the new technology, as I work for a different company, but it is basically the aid I’ve shown you with Destiny 1200 (nFusion) technology inside it.

This is an interesting statement to me. When I was looking for a good HA, I called and visited numerous (more than 6) different audiologists in my area. Not one would allow me to take a test drive on the aids they offered. And only one or two made it clear that if I did not find the aids to improve things I could bring them back. It seems that most didn’t want me to have the option to return the equipement if it wasn’t for me.

The one audi I chose did offer to let me return the aids in 30 days if they weren’t right and that was about the best I could get. Is this normal for most areas? MW

Many states mandate a trial period, from 30-60 days, depending on the state, whereas some have no laws to mandate trial periods.

Yet, as a general rule, most dispensers and audiologists will offer a 30 day trial, yet sometimes there are “fitting fees”, etc that are allowable by each state.


It may depend on the state you live in. Many if not most mandate a trial period. But perhaps you are unlucky and live in a state where there is no such law. You might want to contact your state board and ask them.

You should also be aware that many dispensers/audiologists work on some form of commission/bonus (or profit if they are the practice owner). After your free no obligation test, if you make it clear that your decision to buy hinges on getting a trial period or you walk away, they will probably offer one. Make sure you get a written commitment to this effect, including your restock fee if any.

Most factories offer a 90 day sale or return policy to the dealers. So they don’t even get billed if they send them back to the factory in that time. But no one likes to make a sale and then lose it again, which is why so many of the audiologists you spoke to were not that keen to offer it.

Despite the attitute from those that you spoke to, any good hearing professional will offer a trial if pushed. And all good specialists will give you a ‘test drive’ in the office. I firmly believe that those who refuse a test drive in the office are just bad at their job. Certainly if I detect a hearing loss, I make sure that patient gets to listen to a set of digital hearing aids before they leave my office.