I'm missing certain speach tones

i’ve had my phonak micro elevas for ~ 2 months and have been noticing that i’m missing certain speach tones when someone’s talking to me. hmmmm, well, the HA’s have really helped in the high tones but there are times when i’m having to ask the person to repeat themselves. I think it’s more of the mid tones that i’m missing. This is getting so confusing, as another possibility is that the HA’s could be switching because of background noise or lack there of. I’m at a total loss right now as to what to the problem could be.

are the HA specialists able to do a hearing test(in the booth) with my HA’s in place as these are open ear designed?

Those are great hearing aids you have! Yet I have found that sometimes, as you are getting more used to wearing them, we tend to have to program them much higher than the software dictates to improve speech understanding, especially in noise.

If your audi can, have them run a HINT (Hearing in noise test) and then make changes as you go along in the test to change the programming in real-time to improve speech understanding.

If they don’t have that capability, have them PM me and I can email them a HINT test we payed to have developed that I can send them for free which they can run with just Windows Media and 2 regular computer speakers. (Normally, HINT tests require hookup to an audiometer), but that is sometime inconvenient, thus we developed one on our own. This test, though, is not an official result, but rather a way to optimize the settings while the patient is in front of our fitting computer.

Let us know how it goes.