I'm looking for a discontinued model, where to find?

I’m looking for a pair of Phonak SonoForte P3 AZ. My audi tells me that Phonak does not manufacture them anymore, and doesn’t have any in stock.

I’ve tried eBay, and the last ones were sometime back in June of 2006.

I know there must be some out there. A lot of people get hearing aids, become frustrated with them, and they end up not wearing them. And not to sound morbid, but people also do tend to get them near the ends of their lives, so there are undoubtably some in estates.

Any suggestions for rooting out these devices? The digital ones I’ve tried are just not doing the trick for me, so I’m going to have to go the used route, just like I do for my guitars and amps.

Have you tried browsing through online catalogs? Are you sure you won’t try other models?

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Many hearing specialists make the mistake of not taking into account that you are a former analog user when fitting you. They provide a digital aid with all the fancy digital sound, that you don’t like.

If you find a specialist with the right equipment he will be able to satisfy you with digital aids, if he knows what he is doing.

There are hundreds of kinds of digital aids out there, some good, some bad, most with hundreds if not thousands of different programming parameters built in.

I’ve met and successfully fitted die hard analog fans over the years, and it can be done. But you do need to find an expert at programming who knows what he is doing.

I really don’t think that buying some used discontinued aids is the best approach.