I'm getting a new iPhone XR or iPhone 11

My old iphone 5 which has served me so well all these years – well, it’s still ok but the wifi and bluetooth are not working anymore. The BT icon greys out and even wifi is on, there’s no connection. So, impossible for me to talk on the phone with the Opn1 BTE.

I am either getting the cheaper XR or the iPhone 11 (because I want to take wide pictures again).

Anyone has any problems with the new IOS? From the previous posts I’ve read, it seems to be fixed?

You might want to check the links in this search for “iOS13 oticon”.


My ReSound aids have had issues since September 20. I returned an iPhone 11 since it was impossible, my older iPhone Xs is still a major hassle. You have 14 days to return if you buy from Apple directly, online or store.

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If you want to be able to have Alerts go direct to your hearing aids, then iOS 13.2.3, the latest version, will not allow it. If you were fortunate enough to find a phone with an iOS 13.1 version installed the Alerts should work, providing you stop it from updating to the latest version. But then if there are bugs specific to your hearing aids, phone, and that version, you will be in a catch 22. Update to fix the bugs, or keep the Alerts?

@Sierra, I read your posts about it. No, I don’t need Alerts to go my HA. I just let it ring like a normal phone and just answer using BT.

As it currently sits with 13.2 you can select whether Call audio and independently Media audio goes to the phone or aids. The phone ringer goes to the aids with the call audio. Alerts do not. This is the same as the 12 in the iPhone 5.

Have you checked the unlocked phones at Costco. They are still selling the 6s here in Canada for a good price. Not sure what they offer in the US. The 6s however may not have the features and camera you are looking for.

Yeah, I saw the 6s at Costco. Anyway, I reset-ed network and my iphone 5’s wifi and BT is working again. So, will wait for sale, if any.

The 6s is kind of a strange one. They are being sold new by Costco, but it is the oldest one that Apple is committed to keeping up to date. Perhaps likely to be dropped for iOS14?

My iPhone 5 had a new update earlier this year. It’s just IOS 10.something something, but the latest for old iPhone 5.

I have the iPhone 7 and iPhone 5s. The 7 takes the latest iOS 13 updates, and very recently a new 12.4.3 version came out for the 5s, even though they claimed earlier there were no more updates. Looks like the iPhone 5 got cut off earlier, but it seems there is one critical update that needed to be installed by Nov 3 to keep it functioning properly. See this link. Perhaps that is the one you got for it.

6S and 6S+ are also available through Consumer Cellular. They are solid phones although probably won’t get many more OS updates.

With what Apple did with iOS 13, that may be a good thing!

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@Sierra, re: link; yep that’s the one I got. Was forced upon it too as it kept reminding me to update. I have no problems with the phone. But this is the second time, BT was greyed out. I think I dropped the phone too many times, haha.

I have the iPhone 11 Pro (with iOS 13) and Oticon OPN 1s. No issues.