Im a newbie with HA and have a question


Over the past 4 years I have went to 4 different audiologist to have my hearing tested, each one had the same results, moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. i delayed getting them because of the cost. About a month ago I finally decided I was tired of saying “what” all the time, and the final thing that got me to take it seriously was a friend said she was talking to me and I completely ignored her, she ask my wife if something was wrong and my wife explained that I probably didn’t hear her, which was right, I had no idea she was talking to me.
So I went to a Beltone shop near me and they did a test and it was again the same results, they said I needed HAs and recommended a set that was well over $8000.00, but with discounts got it down to $5800.00. I ask about trying them out in the real world but was not allowed to do this. It was either buy them or dont. I went to a different Audi and did the test, again with the same results. He recommended the Resound Linix 3D 5. He fitted me and told me to take them home and try them for a few weeks. I was surprised, he didnt take any credit card information or ask for any security at all. I took them home and tried them and was amazed at the sounds that I could hear that I didnt know I was missing out on. I always saw a lot of birds in my yard but I had no idea how noisy they were. I started researching the Resound Linix 3D 5 and discovered that they were the “introductory” model in their line of HAs. Coming from the IT world, I like bells and whistles on my gadgets so I ask to try the Resound Linix 3D 7, I liked it better.I wore these for a week and am now thinking that since the top of the line Resound Linix 3D 9 is only about $400.00 more and has even more bells and whistles, that I should go with them.
Now, finally to my question, am I wasting money going for the higher end HAs?
Is there that much of a difference?


Advice choosing hearing aid for first time user?

As a retired IT guy, and someone that has worn hearing aids for 15 years all I can say is do your research on what the differences are. If they are the number of channels, and programs it all depends on your needs, if it has to do with connectivity then I would more than likely say yes.
Hearing aids and hearing loss is very personal and the key is being able to hear speech, and to meet all of your envorinment needs, for work, family, and social.



You should do yourself a favour and check out the Kirkland Signature models at Costco for $1600 a pair if you are in the US. Consumer Reports rated the Kirkland brand highest and the Signia second highest. And they are essentially the same hearing aid. Here is a list of the bells and whistles on the Signia 7Nx. The Kirkland Signature 8.0 HA’s are essentially the same thing as the Signia 7Nx but without the tinnitus masking feature. Most find that not necessary once you start wearing a hearing aid and start to hear all the background noise again.

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I have an iPhone and all 3 of the resound Linix 3d models are made for the iPhone connection. The biggest issue I have is hearing speech in crowds and restaurants. One of the main attractions for me to the Resound Linix 3D 9s is that I can control the mic pickup angle from narrow to medium and wide, hopefully this will allow me to be able to focus better on people talking to me or in my direction.
My audi is very helpful and willing to go along with my desires for all the bells and whistles. He has told me that the 5s would do what I need ac cording to my test, He said that he would sell me the 9s but I dont need them. But I figure these are supposed to last me 5 years or more so why not go for the best model from the start instead of trying to upgrade a year or so later.
I have no other HAs to compare with since this is the 1st audi that would let me take them home to try.



If Costco is an option, I’d agree that it is worth checking out because prices are so much better. They carry a Resound model that is at least comparable to the one you tried and it’s under $3000 for a pair. The Kirklands Sierra mentioned are also good, as well as Phonak.



I prefer to stay out of the politics of what hearing aids to wear, and just say it is all about what works best fo you. I have friends that cannot stand the aids I wear and their hearing loss is about like mine, your hearing is very personal, and it is going to be up to you to make that final decision on what works for you. You should have a trial time that if you buy them you can return them take advantage of that time. There are lots of different hearing aids and companies to think about.
Your first hearing aids are normally the ones that you make the most mistakes with, it was for me. It is all about trial and error. I have found that finding the right Audi to be the biggest win you can have. The right Audi will learn your needs even better than you and if he/she is really good will be willing to learn your needs even more so. And if money is important Costco is an option but my dislike of them is that I prefer a full Doctor of Audiology over a hearing specialist

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Costco is not a viable option for me, there is only 1 in my area and it is almost an hour drive from where I live. Actually I prefer going to an audiologist so I can have a single point of contact and the experience they offer. The audi I have been seeing is great with me and very patient with me and my hundreds of questions.He is my age and has been in business for 37 years, so I figure he knows what he is doing by now.



That is the biggest part of the solution already.



Fair enough. I’d gotten the feeling that money was more of an issue. Resound’s a fine choice. Only you can decide if a more “advanced” aid is worth it. There are some studies that suggest there’s little practical effect of more advanced aids. Mainly they help with speech in noise situations. Resound makes a MultiMic that can be used as a remote microphone and is more effective at dealing with speech in noise than an advanced model. Keep us posted how it goes.



The Kirkland Signature 8.0 is also MFi (made for iPhone), and using the app you can also control the microphone focus. I do find the Noise/Party program better for a restaurant though. Here is some info on what you can do with the app. I do not find the Remote Microphone feature all that useful though. It does not seem to stay connected. The Signia myControl app uses slightly different terminology but does basically the same thing as the Smart Direct app for the KS8.

Signia myControl App



Does your Audiologist do the real ear measurement(REM) test and adjust to it? The majority do not, but Costco does. Here is an example of the actual gain you can get from 4 different manufacturers of hearing aids using the same standard NAL-NL2 prescriptive formula. They can all be adjusted to match the target NAL-NL2 curve, but only if they measure the gain and adjust using the REM system.

Here is a link to the more functional/practical aspects of getting a good fitting. It is not all about bells and whistles…

Fitting Decisions



As I explained it to people, I don’t want the Pinto of HAs. I want the Ferrari. Go for it.

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Costco sells the Resound 9 for $1250 each.



I have come to the conclusion that the magic is not in the hearing aids. It is in how well the hearing aid is set up to address your specific needs.

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Just my two cents, but I’d say start with the top-end model and then ask your audi why he feels that a lower-end model would serve you just as well. Give yourself the opportunity to try the best and see if it helps you understand speech better than the lower-end model. IMHO, attaining optimum hearing is worth paying a high price.



Props to your audiologist for having you demo first! Does the 9 have a longer warranty than the 5 and 7? I’d go for the 9 since the price is just a little more. Can you get the Quattro ? That’s a newer model, plus it’s rechargeable. I love Resound, it’s my favorite manufacturer.



Further to the Mini Mic if your going to buy this accessory from Resound, from memory version 11 is out and this has a directional microphone in it. When you go out to meeting or restaurants you can just put it in the middle of the table and it will stream to your ears.



I’m just going from what I’ve heard and I also just looked at Resond web site. I see a MicroMic and a MultiMic. The MicroMic just mentions being handed to an individual speaker. The MultiMic also mentions being placed horizontally on the table. I’ve always heard that the MultiMic is a notably more versatile and capable device–not quite up to Roger effectiveness, but pretty darned good.

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@MDB I’m seeing the HA Aud next week to see about my Resound HA. And getting the Multi Mic to go with that. So I’ll let you know how it goes.

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