I'm a new member and looking for assistance please



You are 100% wrong…


You are right, I was looking at Connectline. Wow, it does look like the same device. I wonder who bought it from who? Or did they both buy it from a third company?


I really am curious. Supposedly, the electronics are different. I would venture that they are quite similar as well, but the differences lie in programming. Cosmetically, there are minor difference, but very similar.


They both can be used as a remote Mic, so that’s a functional thing that is the same or similar.

My audiologist told me that Signia got their Bluetooth technology from Resound, but I’m not sure that is true. I don’t see any similarity in Signia and Resound Bluetooth, in functionality.

Oticon had been doing Bluetooth for many years so maybe they are the source for Signia.



Your guess on age based on my colorful aids is probably a couple of years off, although I considered it a compliment. I’m 72 years young and hope to see several iterations of hearing aid improvements before my aids accompany me to a final store and dry. Hope you enjoy the aids.