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You are right, I was looking at Connectline. Wow, it does look like the same device. I wonder who bought it from who? Or did they both buy it from a third company?


I really am curious. Supposedly, the electronics are different. I would venture that they are quite similar as well, but the differences lie in programming. Cosmetically, there are minor difference, but very similar.


They both can be used as a remote Mic, so that’s a functional thing that is the same or similar.

My audiologist told me that Signia got their Bluetooth technology from Resound, but I’m not sure that is true. I don’t see any similarity in Signia and Resound Bluetooth, in functionality.

Oticon had been doing Bluetooth for many years so maybe they are the source for Signia.



Your guess on age based on my colorful aids is probably a couple of years off, although I considered it a compliment. I’m 72 years young and hope to see several iterations of hearing aid improvements before my aids accompany me to a final store and dry. Hope you enjoy the aids.


I just joined the forum , My hearing aid is the Audicus ORO give them a try on Audicus .com.


It took this long for me to pick
Up my HA from Costco. They are so busy there (Superior, CO) and me cancelling twice, but I’ve had them on approx 1 week.
The recommendation was for
“ Bernafon’s Zerena 9miniRite with 85-speaker. “
Wireless options
Dynamic environmental ControlSystem
Well you can read about it online.

Knowing I had 9 months to keeo or return , I put them on and left the store without much discussion.
You can see by my test results, I don’t have profound loss , and these were my first pair and they are just perfect.
I don’t have a detailed experience report, but in retirement I don’t have the office environment, which was the main problem , but book club, restaurants, gatherings, TV are all good volume is fine and I’m hearing all words without the dropped last letter like the S, D…I’m told the Zerena automatically switches between programs inchanging listening environments.
Cost: $2500, vs $6000 ffom an earlier of Oticon 1.
I’m very pleased. Barbara


Gremlin… did you see my latest post? I picked up HA. Let me know if you want me to resend to you. I posted it yesterday.


Barb, you have 6 months to keep or return to Costco not 9.


And if anybody cares…3 in Canada.


I agree with D-dogg here: even though Costco HA fitters are not technically paid on commission, they must have another mechanism for doing the same thing. When I went back to Costco to upgrade to later (and I assumed better) technology, my HA fitter did everything they could to point me to the much more expensive Resound aids, including: “you’ll be back within a week with failed KS8s, we have many issues with them”, and “to get the power you need, you will have clipping in the left ear”. I have had none of those issues and am very happy with the KS8s. My speech recognition is better than the trial I had with the Resounds.


My experience at Costco has been the opposite. I’ve given my fitter many opportunities to push me towards more expensive devices, but she didn’t.


I’m not trying to be negative on Costco. Every location has fitters with various opinions. I am very happy with my KS8s.


Ok. Thanks. For correction