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You can get ReSound newest HA for under $5,000. They are excellent I wear Beltone Boost Max with Remote-Phone Clip- TV Streamer and MyPal. Easy to use and plenty of power for Profound hearing loss.


Such a great summary of your experiences and functions and how it all works. Great posti. Thank you


Thank you Ken. I am entering my test results, but when i want to erase a mistake entry i am reading:


“Click + Shift to remove point”

Is this hit + sign and shift?
i dont understand how to remove a point. thank you



Just click on Manual Entry in the lower left of the little pop up and type in the numbers manually. That click screen is a little finicky.


Barb - one thing to know when buying aids for the first time is that the life expectancy of an average pair of hearing aids is roughly 5 years. Some people get up to 7-10 years and others only 3-4 years. It does not seem to be any one brand that lasts the best but buying the most expensive does not alter the life expectancy. Consider the ongoing replacement costs when making your decision.


Thank you for your advice and knowledge.



Ok . I entered my audiogram. I can hear pretty good.’c except in certain ranges and find I’m constantly saying “what?” When viewing my audiogram results, , does this Change anyone’s recommendation? I’m thinking, perhaps incorrectly, that moderate loss needs moderate HA and I don’t need certain features. Yet.

I think I’m going to try the KS8 and opn 1 and of 2.


Hi, Barb. I’ve been in a similar situation this past week – getting overwhelmed with info. I made a decision yesterday, and will update as I find out more.

I have bilateral mild loss. I have been several places; one recommendation was opn, but I did’t get prices. Another was for Phonak B50R (rechargeable) – 2 for $4800 (5 years service, etc). I found that I could get somewhat lower prices through my health insurance “discount provider” – but that was still too much for me.

I have always peeked over at the hearing center when I visit Costco. :slight_smile: I made an appointment and went in yesterday. Their testing was even more comprehensive than my last 2 over the past week. I ordered the Kirkland 8.0 BTE open fit thin tube. I was disappointed I couldn’t wear the demos or a new pair straight out of the store. :slight_smile: Total $1599.99. I like that it’s not 1600. :slight_smile: That includes 6 month return, service for life of HA, 3 year warranty, and 2 year loss/damage coverage.

I’m rather excited.


You can get top of the line hearing aids at Costco for half that price. They have three year warranty (5 years if you use Costco CC). I just bought my pair of rechargable Legato Li aids about a month ago fo $2900 and love them. The audiologist was very professional and knowledgeable. You can get other aids there for less $. It is worth the Costco monthly fee IMO.


I am excited for you! Please let me know thru this forum or if there is a PM? Not sure.



Good piece of info. Thank


Now I’m really getting into this: so much info.
Again, thank you all. Anyone live in Colorado ?

What are “click sleeves”? I’ve had plastic domes only.
If it matters, my ear canal… where dome goes iin is shallow. So always an issue with dome staying put.
And what is the word on ears that are sensitive to the domes and itch?


As I understand the ‘click sleeves’ and domes are different terminology for the same instrument.

I’ve just got the KS8.0 yesterday and tried numerous domes. I previously wore 6mm with my Oticons. Now I’m trying out the 4mm


Click sleeves are domes that have a “tight fit” with the HA receiver/speaker – they are harder to get on and off the HA (they “click” into place and must be pried off) , but they NEVER come off in your ear like older soft plastic domes sometimes do.


If you are having trouble keeping the receiver domes in your ear, ask the audiologist to install a “sport lock” . These are tiny threads of thin plastic that conform to the contours of the bottom part of your outer ear and prevent the receivers from moving.
As for itching, I have the same problem. Lightly applying some lotion via a q-tip on the dome helped alleviate it to the point of being tolerable but I found the itching went away on its own after an adjustment period of a few weeks.


Click sleeves are not the same as click domes. The sleeves have a different shape, and have more surface area on the ear canal. They come in 4 sizes, xs, s, m, l. They come vented or closed. The closed ones still have a tiny vent.

For the Kirkland 8, you would have either click domes (open, power, or double), click sleeves, click molds (custom molds), or encased molds for the hi power receivers.

The click sleeves are very comfortable and if I can’t get the custom molds worked out like I want, I will go back to the sleeves. They are much more comfortable than the double-domes.


Hi Barbara. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for more than 20 years and it can be extremely frustrating finding the right kind of hearing aids and also find a good audiologist. The most important thing to have is patience. Unfortunately, getting fitted for hearing aids isn’t as easy as getting fitted for glasses. There are so many things to consider and making adjustments takes time and effort. In my opinion the most important factor is trusting your audiologist. He/she can make all the difference. I’ve had many different types of hearing aids. CIC, ITC, BTE with custom receivers across both Phonak and Widex. The latest pair I am wearing are Widex Beyond, BTEs with a custom power receiver. These are by far the best pair I’ve ever worn. The person who made the biggest difference for me is my audiologist. I found her through my ENT and I’ve stayed with her for the past 13 years.

The quality of the hearing aids today is significantly better than when I first started to wear them. It really all depends on what your specific needs will be. Costco has some great pricing options and benefits of membership. I have a Costco membership, but would not consider leaving my audiologist. It depends on what you are comfortable with and the trust you will build up with your audiologist.

I hope that helps. Best of luck.


HI Barbara. I’m new to hearing aids too, 36yo, unilateral hearing loss. Very unusual audiogram due to my acoustic neuroma tumor. My name is also Barbara :slight_smile: I’ve seen two audiologists and a hearing aid dispenser at Costco. Some like Costco, but I felt that the service I received was not up to par with the service from the audiologists. The test results were comparable to the audiologists’ results, but the test itself was less thorough. Moreover, he did not know about the real ear measures (adjusting the hearing aid channels with the hearing aid in your ear - as having something in your ear discretely changes its acoustics). He couldn’t really explain why the Kirkland hearing aids were “the best”, I was just to take his word for it. On the other hand, one of the audiologists I saw did feel like a car dealer, with that vibe of talking much and trying to sell me the most expensive setup…

Now, in my case, I can compare the very good hearing in my right ear with my bad, left ear. I didn’t think Kirklands did a very good job picking up background noise with no voices, as compared to the Opn1, I’m currently wearing. For example, a video of my son playing with some music in the background - no speech - was perfectly registered by my good ear, but Kirklands failed to pick up the music. Opn1 had no problem. Also, I felt very overwhelmed by people talking - that was much less problematic with the Opn (in a way, I can hear my own voice less in my left ear, does that make sense)? At the “car dealer” audiologist’s office I’ve tried Phonak and also had the sensation of being overwhelmed - to the point where following a conversation was a struggle.

I suppose if a more diligent person fitted the Kirklands they could have been good.

In the end though, it all comes down to budget. I have a benign brain tumor and will certainly lose hearing in my left ear completely at some point. So I guess I’ve spent premium dollars on that last ear hurrah…

Side note: People working ar Costco can be hearing aid dispensers - depending on your state’s regulations their qualifications differ, but in general they need a high school diploma and a test. Audiologists need a PhD-level education, typically 8 years in higher education to do their job.


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