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Im a new member here and looking for some suggestions. The more I read on this forum, the more confused I get. I had a hearing test and yes I need aids and the audiologist who works in an ENT office recommended the new Oticon opn 1 for $6400 for 2.
Im curious about how these audiologists work vs stand along hearing aid store vs Costco vs ??
.I have more questions and info if anyone wishes to help me.
Barbara 70 yrs old. Many of the similar posts are from 2011 or earlier

thank you


You can enter your audiogram test results on this site so that we can all see what you have going on. You can get there by clicking the link in the welcome email you got when you signed up.

I decided on Costco simply for price and that they were my first hearing aids as well. They’ll do a free hearing test. They’re not on commission. You can get a membership and then cancel it after you’re done any adjustments.


They are all similar technology but with small differences that may or my not appeal to the user. Here a person picks a brand and then justifies that purchase so they are clouded by that. It boils down to a personal choice on a fairly level playing field.

With that said, you may find one brand a bit better for you. Your best bet is to try one and if it works for you and is in your price range – be happy.


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Hi KenP.
I can try to download my hearing test, but I do know that there is a loss in 1 ear more than other and i can still hear pretty well in most areas, except with the adult children and grandchildren and maybe my book club. Im retired, so there’s no office situations. I dont need them for music or connection to iPhone (unless this feature turns out to be fantastic and I dont know it). I dont need music to stream in my ear. I had Oticons alta a year ago , lost hem and never replaced them and they were fine. Only thing was my inner ear itched.
The audiologist recommended Oticon opn 1 . Question: are the Costco K8 the same in features?
I know there were 3 levels of Oticon opn: 1,2,3, with 1 being the most expensive. But BIG question is: do i needs the features for #1 ? Money is an issue in that I dont want to spend more than I need to in order to get whats works best. If Oticon’s are the best hands down and money is not an issue, then i might consider.
So confused…but thank you.


Just for pickiness of wording…the audiogram isn’t “downloaded” per se…you enter it in in the hearing tracker profile link in your welcome email.

Edit: KenP has the general answer for you. They’re all on a very similar playing field. I was astounded at the price my mother paid a couple years before I made the leap. At the risk of sounding like a fanboy merely justifying my purchase…Costco carries several of the major brands and one of those major brands makes their house brand the Kirkland Signature version 8 that you mentioned. They’re all very slightly de-featured to keep costs down but they’re otherwise perfectly fine hearing aids (HA’s) at a noticeably lower cost.

Yes. Try different ones to see if one works better for you. We all have unique hearing senses and it has been frequently mentioned here that a person didn’t seem to like one version and tried another and it worked better for them.

At the end of the day…it’s your hearing and your money and your rationalizations/justifications.


I am a fan of Oticon hearing aids. For me, the product justifies the purchase. The service I get from the Audiologist justifies the purchase. I have purchased and trialed Hearing Aids from all the top manufacturers and always go back to Oticon. That said, yes direct streaming from iPhone, iPad and TV with the Adapter was life changing for me. The ability to change programs and control settings with my iPhone discreetly - also life changing. Not being able to hear your Adult children and grandchildren and difficulty hearing in your book club is THE reason to get the best technology suited for your needs to keep you social and active. Trial the OPN 1 and OPN 2. Ask your Audi why he/she recommends the OPN 1.
There is also a find my Hearing Aids feature on the OPN app on the iPhone.


Oticon is certainly a viable choice. Its software is different from competition. They don’t block noise like others. The OPN3 is a possible choice as its features aren’t as limited as with some other brands that do suppress noise. People tend to like or dislike this based on their problem filtering.

Don’t discount Costco. Lot of love for their KS8 at $1700. It is a premium brand. OPN1 go for around $6200 and the OPN3 is about half or so that.


Am I understanding you correctly?:
The OPN3 : its features arent as limited
as with some other… that do supress noise…
Can you elaborate on this suppression of noise for the OPN 1,2,3?
I’m new to this, but it does sound like an important distinction.
Like in a book club circle. I want to hear who is speaking and also the comments from the right and left.
But I dont want to hear to hear the sounds of lets say the dishwasher 14-20 feet away.
Im interested in learning about noise supression. thank you


and can you explain the pros and cons of KS8 vs Oticon 1? I know about the $$$.


Thanks for your input Mago… I guess its important to know the level of loss when chatting with members and my own loss.
Can you or someone walk me through entering my test results in my Profile


Entering audiogram.


If money is an issue, and it sounds like it is, go to Costco. See what you think. If you do indeed purchase, you’ve got 6 months to make up your mind and can get a full refund. I don’t have OPNs, but my understanding is that they don’t block out any noise until there’s speech, then they remove noise. The 1 can remove more noise than the 2 and 3, but it sounds like differences are subtle from what I’ve read.


Even though I wear the OPN 1 and I’m a big fan of it, in terms of value for the dollars, I think the Costco KS8 wins hands down.

Since you mention that money is an issue for you, I’d recommend trying out the KS8 first. If it works for you, then it’s a win win both dollar wise and functionality wise. With the OPN, it may be a win in the functionality department if you like it better than the KS8, but it’ll never win on value vs the KS8.


Very good info. Money is always and issue, but in this situation, Im willing to pay for what works best for me. Ill buy the OPN if it meets my expectations. If the KS8’s meet my expectation as well, then that’s the one to buy.

thank you


The word “functionality” is the word I’ve been looking for. What are the features and functions that you like about the OPN 1?


The KS8 is really the Signia Nx 312 and there is much more information on the Signia website. The KS8 can have a cone of sound (my word for it) and you can adjust the direction of that cone, and if projected forward, you can adjust the width of the cone. Speech is emphasized inside the cone. If you don’t want to adjust the cone you can select auto and it will decide, and normally auto is all I need. You can also say 360, which is like saying no cone, I want to hear everything in all directions.

I’m having a really good experience with the sound of the KS8. It really has a lot of features.

One feature is that it has sound environments that it recognizes, and for which it makes adjustments. This is all happening on program 1 and is not related to the 6 programs that can be manually selected. For example, “car” is one of the environments so when it senses that I’m in the car it reduces road noise. I think there are 5 or 6 environments it recognizes . I think all the modern, premium brands have something similar, and they all have their own catchy name for it, and of course, they all claim they are the only ones who have it.


I am trialing hearing aids. I have tried Oticon OPN1 BTEs, Resound Enzo 998s (my request…was hoping to derive the benefits of the 675 battery, but my loss is outside the intended envelope enough that it was causing drastic issues.), And the Linx 3D 988.

I am here to tell you there ARE drastic differences hearing aid manufacturer to hearing aid manufacturer. The differences scream at me.

For me, the OPN1 is the most natural sounding hearing aid that I have ever worn…and I have been wearing since 1976. Why am I trialing the Linx3D, then? Accessories…that is why. Control…that is why.

I work in a steel mill. I am an electrician/electronics technician. My shift is 12 hours. I wear a 2 way…it is useless unless the signal is piped directly into my head. Resound gives me 2 ways…Bluetooth and direct connection with a 3.5mm plug…using the Phone Clip or the Multimic. Oticon gives me a single way…Bluetooth.

So everyone has a different situation and different needs. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for trying them. The ability to do that is a revelation to me. Before, it was whatever the audiologist put on my head.


What I like about the OPN is that it’s very simple to the user on the outside, yet very effective. You can just use the default program that comes with it 95% of the times or more. I never touch my phone app to try to control anything on the OPN. Even volume and program control can be done directly via the buttons on the hearing aids.

This is in stark contrast to the current/new wave of hearing aids that stout this program and that program, this control and that control on their phone apps. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this if you like to have lots of control at your finger tip. The question is whether you want to bother to deal with all that stuff, or you want to let the hearing aid deal with all that stuff for you.

This doesn’t mean that the OPN doesn’t have as many features and functionalities as the other hearing aids. You can look at their marketing brochure and you’ll see them list their features/functionalities up the ying/yang just like anybody else. But when it comes down to using it, all their features and functionalities are seamlessly transparent to you, and all you need to do is worry about volume control. And if you have the TV Adapter, then 2 programs, the default program, and how to switch between the default program to the TV program.

The reason many people say that the OPN is the most natural sounding hearing aid to them is because they take a drastically different approach in dealing with noise. They do, but they also don’t. They deal with noise in a very subtle way, solely to clarify speech. Yet it takes a lot of computing power and a different paradigm to achieve this. And they don’t deal with noise because in their new paradigm, nothing really is noise. Instead they’re just natural sounds around you. Whether you want to hear some sound and not others, it’s up to your brain to decide. Because of this, you’re not missing any sound, and as a result, everything sounds more natural, naturally. Even something as subtle as the natural reverbation in the room can be noticed easily with the OPN.

But with the KS8, you can also pick their 360 program and you’ll hear everything in every direction like Don said. Then it becomes wide open like the OPN, except that the diffused noise on the speech may not be cleaned up as nicely as can be done by the OPN. I think this is one of the key differentiation of the OPN. But whether this has value to you or not is subjective. Some people can understand speech diffused with noise just fine. Others may need more help with this, and this is where the OPN shines.

Many hearing aids now has auto sense to sense different listening environments to select the appropriate program automatically for you. Many people are happy with this as well and it makes things simple for them. It’s kinda like having an automatic transmission to pick different gears to match with different speeds in a car. On the OPN, it’s more like you only need one gear that works for any speed, so no need for an automatic transmission. But either way, you put it in Drive, and you go.