Im a little suspicius!


as you know the phonak B direct cant stream youtube or music without compilot II…BUT
when my kid had my phone today and watched Youtube and a phonecall came it at the same time…havent been a issue before but now i heard the youtibe video in my hearing aid loud and clear. but i wont work nnormaly they say…it raised some questions for me. anyone else expericse this?


I’m sure it’s just a bug in your smartphone. They’re not intended for media streaming. You’ll need an iPhone + other hearing aids to do it directly or other hearing aids and a streamer or walking around with that tv streamer and a powerbank.


ok i hear you.
but its a bit wierd if it accually picks it up. i mean then you wont need a compilot. :wink: but that would be bad for buissnis i guess


Ofc you can stream. I’m sure you’ll be able to “hack” it so it streams music to it. It’s about the device type. I think the main reason for it not being able to stream audio is that its only on one ear. One might find that fine for phone calls but not for media consumption. So i guess they would be received worse if they had that feature. Or it could be because of power consumption. This is pure speculation, I have no inside knowledge about this.


ah allright.
im only hearing on one ear so for me it would be fine :slight_smile:
yeah time will tell if they upgrade or not and so forth :slight_smile:


I’ve heard of people hacking it. I don’t remember enough about it, but maybe try to look for an app that will collapse your music into mono.


Android has that in the Accessibility menu on my phone. Settings > Accessibility > Mono Audio - Combine channels when playing audio (scroll down, near the bottom), I’m on 9 / Pie but I remember it in 8/Oreo and 7/Nougat as well.


Well thanx! I Will look into that. Still the audio shouldnt be there right?


It sounds odd, but I know nothing about that phone or your HAs, so I don’t really know.


Ive talked to the phonak support and they where baffled by My experience and Said that it shouldnt Work. But they where glad i shared and Will look into it and see what they can do with THE info. :+1:


Even wierder. Dowbloaded bluetooth streamer pro". And now i can stream YouTube video audio whenever i want :slight_smile:


You seem to be wandering into ever more interesting findings.
The B-Directs were said not to be able to stream to them (other than the proprietary device). In your case of course you won’t know if it’s possibly stereo but still interesting.
So now you’re saying that this can happen even not in a phone call?


android setting allow sound from sterio to mono itself .


Yepp now i could use that app i mentioned and click turné on. And then just start a video or music and it streamed into My aid :slight_smile:


No! It’s not supposed to do that! You must be hallucinating! :slight_smile:
Very interesting.
You sure you didn’t get a firmware update or something recently on the aid?


Haha :wink: No not what i know of. Got this aid 2 Days Ago haha . Dunno why it works. I Will call My phonak Contact Tomorrow and tells hon about this with this app


The app mentions hearing aids with no accessories, it appears we are talking Android here? I see it for Apple too.

_“Hearing aids that may benefit may include several Unitron and Phonak models.”

and a disclaimer / info bite

“IMPORTANT NOTE: The audio is streamed to the car stereo (or other HFP device) through a protocol normally used for voice (phone calls). Therefore, the audio frequency range output will not be the same as using A2DP protocol. This is a limitation of the hardware/protocol and NOT the app. The only way to change this is to buy different (and expensive!) hardware.”


Thanks for that @teejayess. What a great find @pellehardrock. Of course the hearing aids themselves aren’t exactly audiophile quality to begin with so whatever.
I would suspect that it wouldn’t give stereo without A2DP though. It probably collapses to mono and copies to all channels.
Also…it ain’t free.


So, here’s the next question: Phonak requires you to pick a streaming ear during fitting. If you fit the ears separately, can you stream simultaneously to both? Or, actually, maybe streaming only to one device at a time is a phone limit.


That would be a good question for others wearing two. The OP here is only using one.