IIC's for moderate loss?

I’m looking for my first HA’s and based on my research here I had a test done this morning at a local Costco. The audi seemed experienced and helpful, no sales pressure at all. Here are my test results:

HR 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8k
R 30 40 50 55 60 75
L 30 40 50 55 70 70

Not sure how to read/translate the SRT score, but the audi said for the word test I needed 95db each ear and 85db combined.

My first choice in HA’s would be IIC’s, but the audi did not think there are IIC’s out there that are powerfull enough for my loss. She will check with several manufacturers, including Phonak, and will get back to me. While I’m waiting, does any one with similar hearing loss has tried IIC’s or know of any that I should try? Brands carried by Costco would be nice, but I’m open to other sources as well. Thanks.

There may be another reason she said that. IIC are probably harder to fit, harder to make impressions for and being your first, your expectations are not yet tempered. She also may not be confident in making deep ear impressions.

It looks like the Bernafon Acriva (Costco) IIC goes to about 85DB fitting range. http://www.bernafon-us.com/Consumers/OurProducts/NavigationAbstraction/ProductSelector/Product.aspx?page=4&pf={E420CE6D-0415-4B11-8C43-E19F68B8ABD1}&st={F89CADE2-435A-4BAF-8EBD-6C19B9C3F70D}

You could be fitted with almost all IICs including Starkey Soundlens, Phonak Nano, Siemens iMini, Widex own iic and so on…
But it’s possible, that you can achieve better hearing performance with a RIC model. Just try both type, if you can do it.

Thanks for the feedback. The audi said that the Bernafon Acriva 9 IIC’s would work for me, and I had the impressions made, should have them in about a week. Had to pay for them upfront, but at 1,399 each it’s a great deal, and they were even able to charge my FSA card directly. I’ll report on my experience after I get those. The audi said they do offer Phonak’s, but those would have a longer wait.


Take a look at my loss. I have worn successfully ITE, CIC, and IIC as technology has advanced. The only drawbacks I have experienced is short battery life from tiny batteries supporting lots of advanced features.

Hi John, any update on the Bernafon IIC’s?

— Updated —

Hi John, any update on the Bernafon IIC’s?

Dave, I posted a review under the Digital HAs subforum.