IIC’s with Bluetooth and streaming?

First time poster, with a moderate hearing loss. I tried disposable Songbirds about 10 years ago for a few months, did not care for the experience and sort of gave up on the HA’s. Finally did some more research and was pleasantly surprised how much the technology has improved since then. I have not been to an audiologist yet, trying to get more educated first to make sure I go with the best solution. I’m hoping to find IIC’s that support Bluetooth streaming from smartphones and TV’s, and maybe also use a smart phone as a remote. Doing online research has proven to be more difficult than expected as the IIC’s seem to be somewhat new and some websites mention only CIC and larger models. From what I found so far these units may fit my criteria: Resound Verso 9 IIC, Phonak Virto Q-Nano Q70, Oticon Intiga IIC. Anyone here tried these? Are there other ones I missed? Also, if fitted properly, can IIC’s be worn while playing sports without losing them? Thanks for any feedback, I already found tons of great information on this website.</SPAN>


I don’t think there are any IICs on the market that support Bluetooth streaming. None of the models you listed have it. Siemens, Starkey and Widex have CICs with wireless. That’s probably the best you can do.

Look into deep fitting CICs if you want Bluetooth- they won’t be completely invisible, but if your ear canals are wide enough and deep enough, you can get a very discrete CIC which will have all the functionality you are looking for- something like the Starkey 3 Series wireless lineup.

Thanks for the replies. I guess my next step is to see an audiologist to see what my best options are.